CASCOM's BRAC Rehearsal of Concept Drill

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Rehearsal of Concept Drill
                                                                                           by   Colonel John C. hinkley

       he rehearsal of concept drill—commonly referred         process as a “proof of concept” and a tool for flesh-
       to as a ROC drill—is an important tool in the           ing out the commander’s intent and guidance, and
       commander’s arsenal for planning and executing          later in the plan’s development as a means to walk
complex events. One such complicated undertaking               through the plan to ensure that everyone understood
that benefited from a ROC drill is the execution of the        it and identify any “holes.” CASCOM decided to
2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC)               execute the latter ROC drill timing.
Commission requirements mandated for the Army                     The drill had two parts. Day one focused on a
Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) and                     detailed, sequential walkthrough of the fiscal year
Fort Lee, Virginia.                                            2009 timeline of critical events by “battlefield operat-
   For CASCOM, BRAC involves the movement of 185               ing system” (BOS) and subordinate school moves. Day
different courses from four different geographically dis-      two consisted of a series of briefings to CASCOM
persed schools and over 1.3 billion dollars’ worth of con-     leaders, followed by an outbrief to the Deputy Com-
struction spread over a 4-year period, all aimed at creating   manding General of the Army Training and
the Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE). To ensure         Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Lieutenant General
that CASCOM, its subordinate schools, and all support-         David P. Valcourt.
ing activities understood and were able to contribute to
the development of the BRAC plan, CASCOM executed              Day One Walkthrough
a 2-day ROC drill on 30 September and 1 October 2008.            For each critical BRAC event during fiscal year
   Two opportunities exist to execute a ROC drill              2009, such as the occupation of the SCoE head-
during the mission planning process: early in the              quarters building, the CASCOM BRAC officer and

                                                                           NOVEMBER–DECEMBER 2009                    5
The goals of the CASCOM ROC drill, successful achievement of which leads to a “home run.”

the lead BRAC engineer “set the battlefield” by            and School and the Army Logistics Management
describing the significant actions occurring in the        College, both already at Fort Lee. Supporting ele-
planning, current, or post-operations phases and the     
Description: [...] they demonstrated to the CASCOM Commanding General, Major General James E. Chambers, that all parties clearly understood his intent and the BRAC 2005 requirements and that we had a plan to meet them. [...] the DA Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, and Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) were not certain if Fort Lee and CASCOM needed to conduct a DA-level BRAC ROC drill, which was executed at other installations affected by BRAC.
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