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Product Showcase - Download as PDF


According to WAASHTO study T9903, a temperature differential of 7 C or less assures the possibility of even compaction to specified density. According to the WAASHTO study, roads built with these extremely low temperature differentials require far less maintenance, and can last twice as long as roads built with temperature-segregated mix. www.roadtec.com

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									Product Showcase

LOADRITE is adding to its productivity toolkit with the launch of
the new L-Series 2180 payload reporting system. The new system
enables more precise data on tonnes per hour with enhanced accuracy
utilizing FACT™ technology, an easier to use icon driven interface
and extra data collection and reporting capabilities.
    The L-2180 replaces the widely popular LOADRITE Pro™ model
as the top of the line wheel loader system in the North American mar-
ket. The addition of the L-2180 further compliments the LOADRITE
productivity reporting solutions for conveyor belts, excavators, and
pit loaders. The new and improved L-2180 provides accurate and pre-
cise weighing regardless of the time of day, machine type, operator or
temperature. Utilizing patented Friction and Ambient Compensation
Technology (FACT) ™ technology, the L-Series 2180 performs lift
by lift compensation throughout the day to deliver consistent results,
regardless of operator, environmental and machine changes that can
affect weighing performance.              www.loadritecovered.com

    MarTiN eNgiNeeriNg
Martin Engineering’s new Performance Duty QC #1 Belt Cleaner
(PDQC#1) improves cleaning performance and extends life at an
“easy on the budget” price.
    The latest addition to the company’s line of “Quick Change” belt
cleaners, the PDQC #1 Cleaner provides maximum performance and
durability across a wide range of applications, all at competitive pric-
es. The new cleaner features a more-rugged steel mainframe, a low-
maintenance spring tensioner, and a high-volume urethane blade that
extends life while maintaining cleaning performance.
    The new PDQC#1 Belt Cleaner uses a one-piece urethane blade
featuring Martin Engineering’s patented Constant Angle Radial Pres-
sure (CARP) design for consistent cleaning across all stages of blade
life. The blade features 20% more urethane than competitor blades,
yielding a longer life in even the most challenging applications.
    To stand up to large pulleys, large lumps, and high belt speeds,
the new cleaner uses a large, one-piece mainframe fabricated from
73 mm OD Schedule 80 steel pipe. The blade is mounted on a steel
rib that allows “one-pin” blade replacement to minimize maintenance            The PDQC#1 Pre-Cleaner is suited for applications on belts from
labour and downtime.                                                       450 mm to 1800 mm)-wide, operating at speeds up to 4.6 m/sec.
    The new cleaner is supplied with a rugged spring tensioner that            Blades are available to match the width of th
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