; MRDC goes the micro-surfacing route
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MRDC goes the micro-surfacing route


The Type 10 Portland Cement utilized for filler on this contract was supplied from the Saint-Basile, Que., plant of Ciment Qubec Inc. Combined with 2009's unpredictable weather, raw materials supply has necessitated careful management of inventories and a versatile site crew to maintain overall target production rates. The sand equivalent test indicates the relative portion of undesirable clay-like or plastic fines and dust passing the No. 4 sieve that may be present and the tight value specified here compares to typical values of 26 to 60 for fine aggregate in hot mix asphalt, with the most common being 45.

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									Cover Story

MRDC goes the
Micro-surfacing has a proven track record
on the Fredericton-Moncton Highway.

 By Andy Bateman, Editor

            ew Brunswick’s award-winning          Moncton Construction Inc. division sub-
            Fredericton-Moncton Highway,          mitted the winning tender earlier this year
            the MRDC, officially opened to        for a major micro-surfacing project on
traffic on October 23, 2001 and this 195 km       the MRDC. The project extends from the
long, four lane section of the TransCanada        MRDC’s kilometre marker 257 to kilometre
highway has been recognized internation-          marker 295.7 near Fredericton, with a start
ally for innovative construction methods,         date of June 1, 2009. Preparatory work by
techniques and materials. The innovative          the MRDC prior to micro-surfacing included
tradition continued this year, with a micro-      crack filling, milling and paving. There was
surfacing contractor achieving high produc-       no rut filling on this particular project.
tivity rates, despite distant raw materials and
unpredictable weather.                            BELOW: Micro-surfacing treatments have
    Martin Bouvier, project manager for DJL       performed very well, preserving the pavements
Technologies, explains that the company’s         an additional five to seven years.

10 / September-October 2009 / Aggregates & Roadbuilding
New Brunswick’s award-winning Fredericton-Moncton Highway, the MRDC, has been recognized internationally for innovative construction methods,
techniques and materials.

                                                                                                    Materials supply
  What is micro-surfacing?                                                                          From Bouvier’s perspective, the micro-sur-
  The Miller Group, part owner of the            structurally sound polished pavements.             facing process itself was routine, as DJL has
  MRDC Operations Corporation, describes             Micro-surfacing is said to provide low-        considerable experience with this road treat-
  micro-surfacing systems as mixtures of a       cost preventive maintenance treatment              ment system. What has made this job unique
  polymer-modified cationic emulsified as-       systems that retard deterioration of the           is the sheer quantity of raw materials involved
  phalt, mineral aggregate, mineral filler,      pavement, maintain or improve the func-            and their distance from the job site. DJL’s
  water and additives that are proportioned,     tional condition of roadways and extend            largest micro-surfacing project to date totals
  mixed, and spread with a machine over a        the pavement’s service life when applied           over 750,000 m², including all four lanes on
  properly prepared surface.                     to suitable candidates. The placement of           nearly 40 km of highway, its interchanges
     Micro-surfacing systems, says Miller,       a micro-surfacing system on medium to              with Route 7 and Route 8, and 54 000 m² on
  are used to restore and preserve the sur-      high traffic roads offers
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