TRANSFORMATION and the Irregular Gap by ProQuest


The changes proposed here would allow infantry brigade combat teams to maintain their lethal capabilities while expanding to become the expeditionary units demanded by DOD 3000.07: ...units organized, trained, and equipped that, when directed, are able to provide civil security, restore essential government function, repair key infrastructure necessary to government function and to sustain human life, and reform or rebuild indigenous security institutions until indigenous, international, or U.S. civilian personnel can do so. Despite proclamations of the most comprehensive transformation of its force since World War II, I believe incremental steps taken by recent modularity initiatives are not bold enough to allow Army ground forces to properly prepare for and face the future challenges of conducting operations in 21st century irregular environments.34 1 have proposed numerous changes for consideration by defense planners and the Army community in the hope of spurring increased public discussion ofthe Army's future force design and capabilities.

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