Edwardian-Style Flat Displays Modern Touches by ProQuest


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									           Project Case Study                   Spotlight on creative, problem-solving kitchens and baths

                                                                                    Edwardian-Style Flat
                                                                                                                            and overall aesthetic while his
                                                                                    By Andrea Girolamo                      client designed his own storage and
                                                                                                 SAN FRANCISCO, CA—         constructed the cabinetry.

                                                                                          ometimes immovable                    No structural changes or
                                                                                          boundaries give rise to the       footprint expansion was done on the
                                                                                          most clever designs. Created      space. The remodel took place over
                                                                                          by Mark A. Hermogeno,             six weeks, says Hermogeno. “The
                                                                                    principal designer and owner of         fairly quick design-build process was
                                                                                    San Francisco-based Hermogeno           due to our inability to expand the
                                                                                    Designs, this 1920s-era flat belongs     space” because of the apartment’s
                                                                                    to the cabinetmaker with whom           existing structure, he says.
                                                                                    Hermogeno frequently works.                 “Since only very minor work
  Designer Mark
                                                                                    When he and his wife decided            like floor replacement and minimal
  Hermogeno’s biggest
  challenge was to take
                                                                                    to remodel their kitchen, they          electrical work had been performed
  the 128-sq.-ft. space                                                             contacted Hermogeno to create           in the home’s 80-year history, we
  into the 21st century,                                                            an updated style whose details          had to strip the space down to the
  providing adequate                                                                would pay homage to the original        studs and start from a blank slate,”
  storage while being                                                               Edwardian style while maintaining       says the designer. This included
  mindful of the period                                                             a footprint that could not physically   changing out plaster for drywall,
  designs in the rest of                                                            be expanded.                            adding new gas lines and replacing
  the apartment.
                                                                                        “The challenge was to come up       a small window over the sink.
                                                                                    with an overall design that could           “One major addition we made
                                                                                    coordinate and respect the home’s       was the installation of a dishwasher,
                                                                                    architecture, while fulfilling the      which the clients were happy to see
                                                                                    modern living needs that weren’t        after living without one for the five
                                                                                    being met by the old design,”           years they had lived in the home,”
                                                                                    Hermogeno says.                         Hermogeno adds.
                                                                                                                                “Their guidelines and requests
                                                                                    PERIOD PIECES                           were simple,” he continues. “Keep
                                                                                    Nicknamed the ‘Updated                  the footprint the same, maintain
                                                                                    Edwardian’ by the designer, the         the plumbed locations, add the
                                                                                    style of the kitchen and apartment      dishwasher, maximize storage,
                                                                                    overall is actually a mix of early      respect the home’s architecture,
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