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                                                                                   By Deborah L. O’Mara

Get your Systems Engineering Hat On!
                      SECURITY DEALERS AND INTEGRATORS ARE A HARDY LOT. They’ve survived some of
                   the most tumultuous times in recent history, including the innovation brought about by the Inter-
                   net and the advent of new communications and signaling technologies, Software as a Service and
                   iPhones® and apps. Through it all, they’ve engineered systems. In fact that’s what really sets this
                   industry apart from all others or most others--the fact that integrators have made things work with
                   their expertise, engineering solutions specifically tailored for the customer and the protected prem-
                                      ises. And now, as we sit on the cusp of integration and convergence, this systems
Security is just one small            engineering expertise will set them apart from the competition.
                                         But this is more than a discussion of technology; the real reason security
piece of the puzzle today,            integrators and VARs will become successful in this move to full service so-
but isn’t it great to know            lutions is because of their ongoing commitment to service and meeting the
that all those systems engi- needs of the customer. Take a look inside this issue. In every story there’s
                                      a tie-in to relationship building, goodwill, superior service and, plain and
neering folks out there will simple--being the kind of company an end-user or consumer wants to use-
be able to piece the rest of          -over and over. In the cover focus story on home systems, page 42, each and
it together with their                every integrator I interviewed told me that they focus on the customer and
                                      service. In the story on hybrid systems, starting on page 48, security integra-
knowledge and expertise?              tors are working with the customer to give them what they want, many times
                                      adapting the widespread analog video network to the IP world with encoders,
                   software and more. In the story on the management side of IP, written by Thoma
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