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AMS Members—Make Your Vote Count!                                                                             Upcoming Deadlines
The board of directors is the policy-            elected seats open on the AMS Board of                       • Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Grant:
making body of the American                      Directors—one chair of the Teachers                          Submissions due February 1, 2010
Montessori Society. It is empowered to           Section and two professional members.                        www.amshq.org/peaceseedconnection
formulate policies and to amend the              Your vote is important! As an AMS                            .htm#thrushgrant
constitution and bylaws and to take              member, you have the opportunity to
                                                                                                              • Teacher Education Scholarships:
whatever action is necessary to realize          select board members who will speak
                                                                                                              Submissions due May 1, 2010 www.
the purpose for which the Society was            for you.The last day to vote is December 18,
formed. As specified in the bylaws,              2009. Watch for your ballot in the mail
some members are appointed and oth-              later this fall, and for more information,                   • Thesis and Dissertation Awards:
ers are elected.                                 visit www.amshq.org/society_boardOf                          Submissions due November 1, 2010
     Effective March 2010, there will be 3       Directors.htm.                                               www. amshq.org/society_thesis.htm

Happy Anniversary !                                                                                           Springton Lake Montessori School
                                                                                                              Newtown Square, PA
                                                                                                              Marykay Welsh, Founder/Director

Congratulations to the following AMS-            The Family School                                            10th Anniversary
member schools on achieving a signifi-           New York, NY                                                 Woods High School
cant anniversary milestone. We wish              Lesley Nan Haberman                                          Houston, TX
them continued success in the future.             Founder /Headmistress                                       Sherry Herron, Head of School
                                                                                                              Betsy Coe, Principal
40th Anniversary                                 25th Anniversary
Norwood-Fontbonne School                         Bright Beginnings                                            If your AMS-member school or AMS-
Philadelphia, PA                                   Montessori Preschool                                       affiliated teacher education program will
Sister Jean Laurich, Principal                   San Mateo, CA                                                soon be celebrating a 5-year, decade, or
                                                 Joanne Adan,                                                 quarter-century anniversary, we want to
35th Ann
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