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									 EDITOR’S v iew p o i n t                                                  By Barb Zuehlke

      Future Maintenance
      What’s on your wish list?

                       f you had unlimited resources what would your facility look like, what
                       equipment would you have? A couple of recent projects are setting new
                     Hawker Beechcraft recently completed a $14 million maintenance facil-
                  ity in Indianapolis. Spanning 80,000 square feet, the new facility is located at
                  Indianapolis International Airport and features a maintenance hangar, shop and        The new Hawker
                  part storage area, administrative office, and fixed-base operation. The facility      Beechcraft main-
                  includes a 40,000-square-foot maintenance hangar that can accommodate up to 15        tenance, repair,
                  aircraft at a time, a 23,400-square-foot shop and part storage area, and a showroom   and overhaul facil-
                  area that allows clients to review and purchase upgrades such as aircraft interiors   ity in Indianapolis.
                  or avionics.                                                                          Photos courtesy of
                     The construction company, VJS Lincoln which specializes in aviation develop-       MediaWright Inc.
                  ment and construction, worked with Mike Robinson, gen-
                  eral manager for Hawker Beechcraft Indianapolis, and Pa
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