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                                                                                       (Continued from page 5)
                                                                                       south runway at FLL, expanding it             such events in fiscal year 2008, with nine
  LAX Approves Bradley Upgrades                                                        from 5,000 feet to over 8,000 feet. The
                                                                                       complex project will span an active
                                                                                                                                     involving commercial carriers.

       Two contracts awarded                                                           federal highway and railroad, require         FLIGHT SAFETY FOUNDATION
  by the Los Angeles Airport                                                           large amounts of fill, and the runway         — announces that its past chairman,
  Commission will create new                                                           tunnel and taxiway bridges will be bid        Amb. Edward W. Stimpson, is award-
  security checkpoints, ticket                                                         out as separate design-build projects.        ed the 2009 FSF-Boeing Aviation
  counters, immigration and                                                                                                          Safety Lifetime Achievement Award.
  customs space, and also                                                              CONTINENTAL AIRLINES — adds                   Stimpson served as the Representative
  add passenger lounges and                                                            three new nonstop routes at George            of the U.S. to the Council of
  a large central hall with res-                                                       Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).          the International Civil Aviation
  taurants and shops, adding                                                           Now a member of the Star Alliance,            Organization (ICAO) for five years,
  a million square feet to the                                                         Continental adds Washington D.C.,             starting in 1999, a post that carries the
  Tom Bradley International                                                            Edmonton, and Frankfurt, Germany.             rank of ambassador. He spent 25 years
  Terminal. Two new con-                                                                                                             as president of the General Aviation
  courses will add nine new                                                            DELTA AIR LINES — announces                   Manufacturers Association.
  gates, two scheduled to open                                                         new nonstop flights from Detroit
  in 2012. The rest of the construction is expected to be completed the fol-           Metro Airport to Hong Kong and                FORECAST INTERNATIONAL
  lowing year. The $1.3 billion in contracts is the largest ever awarded for a         Seoul starting next summer.                   — of Newtown, CT, in its new “The
  single project in Los Angeles, city officials say.                                                                                 Market for Light Military Rotorcraft”
                                                                                       DOT INSPECTOR GENERAL —                       study, projects a total of 2,026 rotor-
                                                                                       reports it will look into whether pilot       craft in this market segment will be
                                                                                       experience and pay correlate to commer-       produced during 2009-2018, with a
                                                                                       cial aviation accidents. IG says regional     value estimated at $20.8 billion.
                                                                                       carriers are a safety concern as they have
                                                                                       been involved in the last six fatal com-      FRASCA INTERNATIONAL — of
                                                                                       mercial accidents. NTSB has cited pilot       Urbana, IL, receives an order for two
                                                                                       performance as a potential contributory       Cessna C172 FNPT IIs (Flight and
                                                                                       factor in four of these, including the        Navigation Procedures Trainers) for
                                                                                       Colgan Air crash on February 12.              Saint Petersburg State University of
                                                                                                                                     Civil Aviation (SPSUCA), Russia.
                                                                                       FAA — Federal Aviation Adminis-
                                                                                       tration signals to Atlanta that a new ten-    GRUPO FERROVIAL SA — based
                                                                                       tative airport lease
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