; Derivatives Stage A Comeback
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Derivatives Stage A Comeback


In the year covered by Global Finance's sixth annual awards for the World's Best Derivatives Providers, the world of finance changed beyond recognition, and the derivatives markets have been no exception. Market participants have rediscovered the benefits of derivatives for customized risk management solutions to help navigate the more uncertain economic landscape, according to Eraj Shirvani, chairman of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association and head of fixed income for EMEA at Credit Suisse. Trading in commodity futures and options increased slightly in the second quarter. It is this commitment expressed through scale, reputation, competitive pricing and innovation that the Global Finance awards for the World's Best Derivatives Providers seek to highlight. The awards cover each asset class across the three main financial regions of the world -- North America, Europe and Asia -- as well as overall awards for the best derivatives bank in Latin America and in the Middle East.

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