The Difference Between COMP & Compromise

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					T     he single most important performance decision you
      will make for your engine is the camshaft selection.
There are a lot of brands available, some that appear to have
similar specifications and may even cost a little less than                                                                        Buying a COMP Cams® camshaft and matching valve train
COMP Cams®. But the truth is that you get what you pay                                                                            components ensures your engine will be utilizing the
for. The subtle differences that separate COMP Cams® from                                                                         highest quality, best engineered and most technologically
others are the results of the latest valve train technology       Sure, we utilize state-of-the-art cam grinding equipment        advanced valve train products available. Professional
and thousands of dollars of research and development that         operated by expert craftsmen with decades of experience.        engine builders can’t afford to compromise when selecting
address every last detail, from gear run-out to lobe designs.     But the real secret to making more usable horsepower can        which camshaft to run – that’s why more of them stake
It’s these critical refinements that allow COMP Cams® to           be traced to the COMP Cams® engineering department,             not only their reputations but also their livelihoods on
consistently produce 10 to 30 more horsepower than                the largest in the industry. They spend thousands of hours      COMP Cams® valve train products. Regardless of whether
the competition. While a thousandth or two in machining           designing and testing camshaft concepts until the optimal       your next engine build is destined for a Saturday Night
tolerances, a slightly harder surface and a vast array of         lobe designs and matching components are found. That’s          Bracket Racer or an all-out Pro Class ap
Description: While a thousandth or two in machining tolerances, a slightly harder surface and a vast array of other small details may seem like minor variations to many, engineers at COMP Cams understand that these simple design characteristics can mean the difference between race-winning performance and frustrating engine failure.
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