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Cashing In?


Software providers and some community bankers agree: small business demand has grown lately for cash-management systems. By offering electronic cash-management software to small business clients, community banks can solidify relationships, promote other products and services and increase their penetration of the small business sector. Many community banks have had cash-management platforms to provide to their business customers, generally from their core computing processor. According to Joe Spatarella, a VP at Atlanta business technology provider Online Banking Solutions, tight liquidity is causing business leaders to manage cash flow more carefully; they're looking for positive-pay services, a deterrent to check fraud. In general, banks pay an implementation fee to get started and gain access to a vendor's software, then pay ongoing user fees based on how many small businesses use it.

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 Cashing In?
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                                                                                                 president of product management
                                                                                                 and business services.
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                                                                                                 launched Messenger Financial
 Small businesses are giving cash management systems a serious look.                             Center based on its Online
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                       community bankers agree:
                   Small business demand has
                                                         to a small business include “a
                                                         complete information picture of
                                                         all available funds, fast and easy
                                                                                                 company has retooled its core
                                                                                                 banking system to provide real-
                                                                                                 time transactions. Core technol-
                   grown lately for cash-man-            funds movement and the ability          ogy vendor Data Center Inc. in
                   agement systems. By offering          to maximize cash and minimize           Hutchinson, Kan., has introduced
                   electronic cash-management            borrowing.” Adds Bob Neville,           iCore, a Web-based positive-pay
                   software to small business            president of core data process-         solution for fraud prevention.
                   clients, community banks can          ing provider Modern Banking                Metavante Corp. in Milwaukee
                   solidify relationships, promote       Systems Inc. in Ralston, Neb.:          offers Business e-Banking, a
                   other products and services and      “labor savings, time savings and         system that incorporates infor-
                   increase their penetration of the     increased revenue.”                     mation reporting, ACH, direct
                   small business sector.                   Until recently, “price, packag-      deposit of payroll, tax payments,
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