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                     More Efficient                                                                 Interactive
                     Teller Stations                                                                Electronic
                     Open Solutions Inc.                                                            Statements
                                                                                                                 Optria LLC

                                                                                                    Account statements, notices, mar-
                                                                                                    keting correspondence and other
                                                                                                    documents that banks send cus-
                     Veri-Fast, a new product from Open Solutions of                                tomers become “dynamic, engag-
                     Glastonbury, Conn., makes for quick authentica-                                ing and convenient” with Optria’s
                     tion of a customer’s identity at the teller window.                            iStatements, according to the com-
                     Customers swipe their ATM or debit card and                                    pany in Lake Mary, Fla. Through
                     enter their PIN; the software verifies the ID and                              a Customer Communications
                     displays the customer’s profile on the teller’s screen.                        Management Suite customer
                     The company says the system eliminates tellers’                                statements can be customized
                     keystroke errors, adds another layer of security, is                           with graphics, cross-selling mar-
                     EMV-ready for chip-card technology and is easy to                              keting materials, live hyperlinks
                     install and use.                                                               and more.

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