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                                                                                 G r A S S root S r e S ou r c e

Focus Consumer                                                                 “My Community,
Protection Agency on                                                           My Bank” Advocacy
Big Threats                                                                    Web Site Launched
Regulate the rogues, not the                                                   Consumers can learn about too-big-to-fail and then
righteous, ICBA said.                                                          send messages to Congress to address the danger
   ICBA      Chairman       Mike                                               through a Web site—
Menzies urged the House                                                        Launched in September, the site is designed to educate
Financial Services Committee                                                   policymakers and the public. It is part of an ICBA mul-
last month to focus new regula-                                                timedia campaign to mobilize consumers and turn the
tory policing not on community                                                 tide against the threat of too-big-to-fail institutions.
banks but on too-big-to-fail                                                      Visitors to the site can personalize a letter to send
banks and nonbank institutions                                                 to their own representatives, upload a video and find
“unencumbered by most forms                                                    a community bank anywhere in the country. The site
of government regulation.”                                                     also includes news articles, op-eds, research papers,
   A week later, the commit-                                                   and testimony on the too-big-to-fail issue. In its first
tee passed a bill (H.R. 3126)                                                  week alone, the site received 1,500 unique visitors
that would exempt banks with                                                   and generated 216 letters to Congress.
assets less than $10 billion
from the proposed Consumer
Financial Protection Agency’s                                                    c onS u M e r t r e nd S
enforcement and examination           ICBA Chairman Mike Menzies spoke out
authority. Under an ICBA-             strongly against the proposed Consumer
backed amendment to the bill,         Financial Protection Agency.
                                                                               Help Your Customers
consumer examina
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