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    Building a winning team                                                                                                                    Georges Lozano, MPA
                                                                                                                                              AIC Chief Executive Officer

     T          he strength of an organization is
                derived not only from the individual
                skills and knowledge of its employees,
     but also from how well they work together as
     a team. Today, more than ever, a strong multi-
     disciplinary team is essential in order to capitalize
                                                             encouraging input from all team members, and
                                                             adopting a continuous learning philosophy that
                                                             rewards the achievement of new skills and com-
                                                             petencies. Information sharing can take many
                                                             forms, including the development of accessible
                                                             data management systems that make it easy for
                                                                                                                  in the execution of the work. The important thing
                                                                                                                  is that all members of the team are involved in
                                                                                                                  a continuous improvement cycle and everyone
                                                                                                                  comes out stronger in the end.
                                                                                                                       Continuous learning is achieved in a variety of
                                                                                                                  ways. Organizations that are team-focused make
     on the many different kinds of opportunities that       team members to learn from the experience of         available a wide range of resources to help team
     there are to provide real property appraisal and        others, and to stay abreast of new and emerging      members improve and expand their skill sets.
     related consulting services.                            practices and technologies in their area of exper-   In-house training is one way to ensure that team
          These range from complex residential and           tise. Electronic forums, chat rooms and other        members are uniformly qualified and abreast of
     ICI appraisal assignments that originate within         social media tools are now available to allow for    the methods, approaches, and techniques used by
     the private sector to a myriad of real property         the exchange of information on a professional        the organization. The team-focused organization
     consulting contracts tendered by private, and           and technical basis. This is particularly helpful    invests in its team members by supporting exter-
     public sector organizations including portfolio         when team members are not located in the same        nal training as well. This might involve bringing in
     analysis, highest and best use studies, and the         premise. Inclusivity is an important element of      pertinent experts to address the team and provide
     emerging area of valuation for financial reporting,     all winning teams. No one gets left out. Post-       them with new insights. It also includes providing
     to name but three.                                      mortems and debriefing sessions are very helpful     financial support and other incentives to encourage
          Teams can be built using existing in-house         in reviewing ongoing work completed projects         team members to enroll in educational programs
     resources, by developing the talent of your employ-     and addressing both successes and shortcomings       to enhance their competence and qualifications.
     ees, and by building alliances with other profes-
     sionals. Strong winning teams can be built through
     a combination of all of these approaches. In order
     to do so, organizations should begin by embracing
     a team spirit and fostering a culture that will lead
     to the development of teamwork on a daily basis.
          A strong team is one that has a clear
     understanding of corporate objectives and trust
     in the collective strength that working together
     brings. Multi-disc
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