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									                                                                                               704 inform November 2009, Vol. 20 (11)

       Union) member states, risk managers, and        She also expressed criticism of some of          rapid expansion of the fuel ethanol market,
       representatives from stakeholders includ-       EFSA’s scientific opinions on GMO.               particularly in the United States) and the
       ing industry, consumer, and environmental            Presenting the views of EU farmers,         successful launch of several enzyme-con-
       groups from the EU and beyond.                  COPA-COGECA’s Director of Commodi-               taining pharmaceuticals. With the world in
             EFSA Executive Director Catherine         ties and Trade, Arnaud Petit, said farmers       an economic downturn in 2009, however,
       Geslain-Lanéelle opened the conference          wanted to preserve the option of choosing        the market for enzymes has become much
       by reaffirming EFSA’s role as a provider        between GM, conventional, and organic            more challenging, and growth going
       of independent scientific advice on GMO.        farming. (COPA is the Committee of Pro-          forward will moderate significantly.
       “EFSA is neither pro-GMO nor anti-GMO,”         fessional Agricultural Organisations, and             Through 2013 world enzyme demand
       she said. She acknowledged that there exists    COGECA is the General Confederation              will average annual increases of 6.3%, led
       a significant divergence of opinion among       of Agricultural Cooperatives in the Euro-        by pharmaceutical and biocatalyst enzymes,
       various actors in the field of GMO in the       pean Union. The biotechnology industry,          both of which will be less susceptible to the
       EU. “We are here not only to inform but         represented by Willy De Greef of Europa-         effects of lowered global economic activ-
       also to listen and learn. We want to get as     Bio (the European Association for Bioin-         ity. Diagnostics enzyme demand will also
       wide a range of views and experiences as        dustries), asked for the existing experiences    fare well due to expanded access to medical
       possible,” she said.                            of the safe use of GM crops to be taken          care in developing countries, and the advent
             The first day’s presentations came        into consideration in EU risk assessment         of health care reform in the United States.
       from members of EFSA’s GMO Panel and            and called for a clearer distinction between     With pharmaceutical companies having dif-
       the GMO Unit, who discussed the legal           risk research and risk assessment.               ficulty bringing new small-molecule drugs
       framework for GMO in the EU, as well as                                                          to market, biotechnology will continue
       some of EFSA’s updated guidelines on the
       risk assessment of GM plants, developed in      Report examines                                  to gain in importance, helping to sustain
                                                                                                        demand for research and biotechnology
       the context of mandates from the European
       Commission (EC).                                world enzymes                                    enzymes.
                                                                                                             Among the industrial enzyme markets,
             Presenters examined environmen-
       tal risk assessment (ERA) of GM plants
                                                       market                                           animal feed and ethanol production will
                                                                                                        both achieve above-average advances,
       as a complex issue whose ongoing devel-         In September, business research company          while the food and beverage market will
       opments have prompted updates in EFSA           The Freedonia Group (Cleveland, Ohio,            grow at a slower, but healthy pace. Animal
       guidelines. GMO Panel members Salva-            USA) released the report World Enzymes           feed enzymes will achieve their fastest
       tore Arpaia and Jeremy Swe
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