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									                                                                                                700 inform November 2009, Vol. 20 (11)

       12% less and had 70% lower blood sugar
       levels. They also exhibited a significant
       decrease in low-density lipoprotein choles-
       terol of approximately 35%, and a lesser
       decrease in high-density lipoprotein cho-
       lesterol of approximately 22%. The con-
       centration of fatty acids in their blood
       was actually higher, a sign of the greater
       demand for fat to burn.
            Whereas the livers of the obese mice
       were heavy and pale with fat, treated
       animals’ livers were more than 30% lighter
       and were a healthy-looking red. Although
       less obvious, the SREBP-blocking ability
       might also explain the molecule’s earlier
       reported effects against prostate cancer cells
       in culture since cells require fatty acids and
       cholesterol to build their cell membranes
       and continue growing.
            Fatostatin is not the first molecule to
       act on SREBP, according to the researchers,
       but it appears to do so in a somewhat dif-
                                                         scientists show that a 200 mg dose of DHA
                                                         per day is enough to affect biochemical         Soy and fish oil and
       ferent way than those described previously.
       Many steps remain, but Wakil and Uesugi
                                                         markers that reliably predict cardiovascu-
                                                         lar problems, such as those related to aging,
                                                                                                         cell proliferation
                                                         atherosclerosis, and diabetes. The study is     “Isoflavonoids and fish oil may be protec-
       are optimistic that fatostatin could prove to
                                                         the first to identify how much DHA is nec-      tive against colorectal cancer, but the evi-
       be useful clinically in the context of obesity,
                                                         essary to promote optimal heart health,         dence in relation to breast cancer risk is
       and perhaps in cardiovascular disease and
                                                         according to a news release from FASEB.         ambiguous,” the authors of a new study
       diabetes as well. “[We hope that] down the
                                                               “This study shows that regularly con-     write.
       road, fatostatin or a derivative of fatostatin
                                                         suming small amounts of DHA is likely to             “In the present study, we have inves-
       may be helpful,” said Wakil, who has been
                                                         improve the health status of people, espe-      tigated the impact of soya-derived isofla-
       studying the enzymes involved in fat syn-
                                                         cially in regard to cardiovascular function,”   vonoids and omega-3 fatty acids from fish
       thesis ever since he discovered them in the
                                                         said Michel Lagarde of the Université de        oil, both individually and in combination,
       late 1950s. “It could have a broad impact
                                                         Lyon, who co-authored the study.                on apoptosis (programmed cell death), cell
       on the key diseases [from which] we all
                                                               To determine the optimal dose of          proliferation, and estrogen receptor (ER)
                                                         DHA, Lagarde and colleagues examined the        expression in the colon and mammary gland
            Fatostatin or its analogs may also serve
                                                         effects of increasing doses of DHA on 12        of the rat. Female rats were fed diets high in
       as tools for gaining further insights into the
                                                         healthy male volunteers
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