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									E Y E O N R E N TA L

   Rekindle Your Passion
   With the economy stalled, here are some ways to restart your engine

             re you one of those who have lost their passion   these terms, you should start now to start planning the
             for the rental business? Some might still like    process of regaining control. The rental business is such
             the business, but the brutal economy has put      an important part of your life, you owe it to yourself and
             others into “neutral.” Lately you might just be   your family to invest the time and financial resources
   “going through the motions.”                                to make the needed changes.
       Being stuck in neutral isn’t very fun for you and           It’s important to take better care of yourself. Have
   your employees and certainly isn’t good for your com-       regularly scheduled preventive maintenance per-
   pany. It’s so much more fun to be in “overdrive” or at      formed on you. Don’t neglect yourself physically. You
   least moving forward. Perhaps for some, just revving        will be able to function more effectively and you’ll also
   up the company’s engine to start the race would be a        want to enjoy the fruit of your labor both now and well
   welcome development.                                        into the future. Seriously consider a near-term get-away
       So, what can you do now to help you to rekindle
   the passion? Start the planning necessary to rid
                                                                                       DICK DETMER is a nationally recognized consultant,
   yourself of many of the smaller as well as the big
                                                                                       lecturer and writer and has 35 years of experience
   unproductive hassles you and your company face.
                                                                                       in the equipment rental industry. He is the author
   Identify what you want to change and what steps                                     of “The Guide to Great Customer Service” as
   you can and should take to reduce these worrisome                                   well as “A Practical Guide to Working in an Equip-
   hassles. There is too much mental and emotional                                     ment Business.” For consulting, on-site employee
   energy consumed by some challenges that rental                                      training or to order books, visit
   business entrepreneurs face.                                               Dick can be contacted
       Develop a plan to rekindle your employees’ passion                      
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