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									S K ID S T E E R S

   What’s the Latest?
    Leading manufacturers tell us what’s new with skid steers and what’s coming up
    B y Jenny Lescohier, edi t or

             kid steers are a staple in many rental fleets                    an operating weight of 8,327 pounds.
             and promise to be even more vital when                                Some of the features of the M-Series loaders are:
             construction activity rebounds from the                               • Cab-forward design brings the operator closer
             current economic slowdown. To help you                                   to the work area and better overall visibility.
    get ready for when demand increases, we asked a                                • Larger door improves visibility and makes
    few leading skid steer manufacturers what’s new                                   entry and exit of the machine easier.
    with these small machines that make a big impact.                              • Increased size of windows on the sides, rear
       Q: Does your company have any new models/                                      and top of the machine.
    product developments with its line of skid steers?                             • Best-in-class pressurized cab keeps operator
       A: (Mike Fitzgerald, Bobcat) Bobcat Company                                    and cab interior cleaner.
    recently introduced its new M-Series line of skid-                             • New engine mounts decrease vibration and
    steer loaders. The first two models — S630 and S650                               help to reduce noise by more than 60%.
    — are new models to the Bobcat line and fill the                               • Greater availability of adjustments to the seat
    gap between the existing S205 and S220 models.                                    accommodate operators of different sizes.
       The S630 has a rated operating capacity (ROC)                               • The joysticks on models with Selectable
    of 2,180 pounds and an operating weight of 7,707                                  Joystick Controls move up-and-down with
    pounds. The S650 has a ROC of 2,690 pounds and                                    the seat.
                                                                                                             • Higher standard flow
                                                                                                               and pressure on hydrau-
                                                                                                               lic system increases pro-
                                                                                                             • Removable hydraulic
                                                                                                               hose guide protects hoses
                                                                                                               and makes changing and
                                                                                                               routing attachments eas-
                                                                                                             • Tractive effort increased
                                                                                                               15 to 20%.
                                                                                                             • Hydraulic couplers
                                                                                                               mounted on 
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