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                                                               MIDWEST                                   NORTHEAST
                                                          LOUISVILLE, KY – SEPT. 1: Four horse
                                                          LO                                             NEW HAVEN, NH – SEPT. 7: Fire ignited in the
                                                          barns at the Kentucky Fair & Exposi-            basement of a florist and took off through
                                                          tion Center were completely destroyed           multiple ceilings and floors. A property
                                                        when fire broke out overnight. There              management office was also destroyed.
                                                      were no inj
                                                              injuries to horses.                         Three firefighters suffered minor injuries.

                                                        GRANDVILLE, MI – SEPT. 7: An 83-year-            DANVERS, MA – SEPT. 8: Firefighters from at
                                                        old woma was killed when the SUV she
                                                            woman                                         least five towns battled a three-alarm blaze
                                                       was riding in with her husband collided            in the historic town hall. The 154-year-old
 WEST                                                with a semi-trailer. The semi-trailer driver         Greek Revival-style three-story building was
 HOLLISTER, CA – SEPT. 8: Fire officials were        was also killed. Her 70-year-old husband of          under renovation.
  concerned about water run-off after a blaze        two years was rescued by police and good
  in an industrial park at a paint supply shop.      Samaritans.                                         WARWICK, PA – SEPT. 12: A multiple-alarm
                                                                                                          fire destroyed one of two main horse barns
 MARYSVILLE, WA – SEPT. 23: Loss was esti-         CANTON TOWNSHIP, OH – SEPT. 9: A late-                 at a facility dedicated to caring for retired,
  mated at nearly $2 million after fire caused      night blaze destroyed several vehicles and            injured or abused horses. No horses were
  major damage to a three-story manufactur-         nearly half a million rounds of ammunition            injured.
  ing building.                                     materials at a gated compound containing a
                                                    shooting range that law enforcement officers         UTICA, NY – SEPT. 20: Four people were
                                                    throughout the state typically use.                   killed and 15 left homeless after massive fire
                                                                                                          destroyed their 12-unit apartment building.
 SOUTHWEST                                                                                                The landlord had ignored citations requiring
                                                   SOUTH                                                  him to register for inspections.
 JOSHUA, TX – SEPT. 1: Trucks and other
   equipment worth about $8 million were de-                                                             STRATFORD, CT – SEPT. 25: Two people, an
   stroyed in an explosive fire at a natural gas   OAK HILL, WV – SEPT. 2: The largest antique
                                                    mall in southern West Virginia was destroyed          elderly man and woman, were killed when
   drilling site. No natural gas contributed to                                                           fire broke out in the house where they were
   the fire. Diesel tanks in the trucks caused      by arson fire. Six area fire departments battled
                                                    the blaze. One person was arrested.                   staying.
   explosions and the blaze was fought at a
                                                   HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NC – SEPT. 3: Four teens           TO SUBMIT FIRE WIRE: Please send news clippings or
 MULHALL, OK – SEPT. 2: Lightning strikes           were arrested after a suspicious fire destroyed    prints within 14 days of the incident. Be 
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