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Forestry Suppliers                        Landoll Redesigned 400 Series                                  Tri-State Highway Ready Trailer
RAM Tough Tray                            The 400 Series                                                 The Model Z-100JB construction-maintenance high-
The RAM                                   Traveling Axle                                                 way ready trailer features a military field tested design
Tough Tray                                trailer line                                                   with a rugged, one-piece welded tubular steel chassis.
vehicle lap-                              includes two                                                   • 4,280-lb. GVWR and net payload of 3,480 lbs.
top mount                                 redesigned                                                     • 36.5-in. deck width and
is spring                                 models with                                                      110-in. deck length
loaded to                                 additional                                                     • Universal mounting
accommo-                                  frame strength,                                                  system
date 10- to                               allowing for 5 tons of increased capacity.                     • Movable crossmembers offer
16-in.-wide                               • Tandem-axle model 440 has a 40-ton frame rating, while         mounting versatility
laptops (17-                                the triple-axle model 455 has a 55-ton capacity              • Available with accessory
in. screen).                              • Standard centralized grease system                             work kits to match indi-
• Four adjustable retaining arms can      • Hi-visibility decal package                                    vidual applications
  be moved vertically and horizon-        Indicate 18 on inquiry card                                    Indicate 17 on inquiry card
  tally for a custom fit
• Installs using existing hardware of
  passenger-side seat rails
• Dual swing arms provide articula-
  tion and 12 in. of reach
• Hole patterns facilitate mounting
  of additional RAM systems to sup-
  port GPS or other electronics
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Eager Beaver Easy
Loader 25 XPL
The 25-ton-capacity Easy Loader 25
                                               < Minimal operating costs thanks to thrifty fuel consumption
XPL tri-axle tag trailer features a              and low tyre and brake wear
6-ft. beavertail with an 8° loading            < High tipping load thanks to unique engine mounting location
angle.                                         < Significantly fewer wearing components thanks to
• Standard 102-in. overall deck                  innovative drive concept
  width and 34-ft. 4-in. length                < Optimum service access to all important components
• Hi-tensile V-50 steel mainframe
• Cold-formed drawbar and nose
• Heavy-duty, two-speed jack
• Patented ROTO RINGS tie-downs
  swivel 360°
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Fleetwest Powerbody
The Load’N’Go Powerbody is a steel
transferable service body upfitted
with a generator, compressor and
optional welder.
• Universally fits Ford, Dodge and
  GM 1-ton pickup trucks, with
  models available for both long and
  short beds
• Control panel located in the side
  compartment for easy access
• 1,000-lb. slide-out parts drawer
• Built-in forklift tunnels and lifting
  jack receptacles for easy installa-
  tion and removal
• Standard key locks plus
  padlockable security
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                                               Liebherr Construction Equipment Co.
                                               4100 Chestnut Avenue
                                               Newport News, VA 23607
                                               Phone: (757) 245-5251
                                               Fax:   (757) 928-8701
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Trucks      I    & Transportation

 Mack Titan
 Built upon the Cornerstone
 chassis, the Titan features
 the Mack MP10 16-liter
 engine, offering a top rating
 of 605 hp and 2,060 lb.-ft. of
 • 8-, 9.5- and 11mm standard
   frame rail thicknesses
                                                                                      Etnyre Blackhawk Trailer
                                                                                      The lightweight Blackhawk hydraulic power tower trailer has an empty weight
 • Frames rated at 120,000 psi
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