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"The engine block on the 4.6L is constructed of aluminum alloy; the previous 4.7L was cast iron," [Natae Rayner] explains. "That saves about 100 lbs. and improves fuel efficiency. The use of Toyota's WT-i variable valve timing with intelligence has also been expanded. The new engine uses dual independent WT-i on intake and exhaust camshafts. The previous 4.7L had WT-i on just the intake camshafts."

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           Pickup Technology Trims Fuel Costs
Powertrain and aerodynamic advances yield performance gains.
                                                                              By Curt Bennink

A    lthough pickup sales figuratively fell off a cliff, manufacturers have resisted
     the temptation to rein in technical innovation. In fact, competition contin-
ues to heat up, with manufacturers producing more efficient powertrains and
                                                                                        which makes it stiffer. The overall stiffness of the turbocharger keeps vibration
                                                                                        of that subsystem from being transmitted in all adjacent components in the
                                                                                        engine, making for an overall quieter turbocharger on the engine.”
improving aerodynamics to squeeze out the best mileage possible.                           “Another key technology is a 30,000-psi high-pressure fuel injection system,”
   While some changes are an evolution of existing products, there are also revo-       Gryglak adds. “The higher system pressures allow us to deliver power, torque
lutionary innovations that promise to shake up the status quo.                          and fuel gains.”
                                                                                           To achieve tailpipe emissions, Ford is introducing a selective catalytic reduc-
                                                                                        tion (SCR) aftertreatment system. “The overall system is packaged in an in-line
                                                                                        torpedo fashion,” says Gryglak. “We also have a DEF tank that supplies the urea
                                                                                        dosing injector. We have aligned our DEF service interval to match with the oil
                                                                                        change interval on the platform. Our oil change interval is 7,500 miles.”
                                                                                           In addition to the new diesel, the company is also beefing up its 6.2-liter
                                                                                        gasoline V8 engine. “It has bigger pistons. It has bigger intake valves and bigger
                                                                                        intake and exhaust manifolds,” notes Chris Brewer, Super Duty chief nameplate
                                                                                        engineer. “The result is a more powerful and more durable powerplant capable
                                                                                        of running conventional gasoline, as well as E85 fuel.”
                                                                                           Both Super Duty engines are mated with an all-new TorqShift six-speed
                                                                                        transmission. “Bigger and stronger gears allow this automatic transmission
                                                                                        to handle the extra power and torque that our new engines will produce,” says
                                                                                        Brewer. A new feature is a live drive power take-off. “Live drive PTO enables a
                                                                                        transmission to power auxiliary equipment while idling and, more importantly,
                                                                                        while on the move.”

                                                                                        General Motors focuses on fuel savings
                                                                                           Both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra powertrains deliver enhanced fuel
                                                                                        economy. “We have improved our fuel efficiency for 2010 pretty much across the
The all-new Ford 6.3-liter Powerstroke
                                                                                        board,” states Tony Truelove, marketing manager for the Chevrolet Silverado.
diesel engine for 2011 Super Duty models
                                                                                           One contributor is the development of a fuel saver mode, which allows the
includes such unconventional features as a
compacted graphite iron block, aluminum                                                 trucks to make better use of GM’s Active Fuel Management system. “The fuel
heads with inboard exhaust and a single                                                 saver mode is built into the calibration of all of our 5.3-liter engines,” says
sequential turbocharger.                                                                Truelove. It enables more aggressive active fuel management by running the
                                                                                        engine on four cylinders in light throttle conditions vs. eight.
                                                                                           “The fuel saver mode is a calibration that keeps the engine in four-cylinder
Ford renovates                                                                          operation longer to improve fuel economy,” adds Carl Hillenbrand, Silverado
diesel offering                                                                         product manager. “From a hardware perspective for 2010, there is not anything
    For its 2011 Super Duty trucks, which                                               significantly changed [with the engines].”
should hit the showroom this spring, Ford has designed and will manufacture                
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