Pandemic Planning in the Communications Industry

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					    In addition, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, Stan-
dard on Laboratory Ventilation, is being                                     Standards Update
balloted by the subcommittee and will          Proposed Standards                            Mining and Metal Mineral Processing
be balloted by the Z9 ASC and available           •BSR/AIHA Z9.12-200x, Design, Operation    Facilities
for public review this month. Changes          and Maintenance of Combustible Dust               •BSR/NFPA 326-200x, Standard for the
include the following:                         Collection Systems                            Safeguarding of Tanks and Containers for
                                                  •BSR/AIHA Z9.13-200x, Design, Operation,   Entry, Cleaning or Repair
    1) adding energy considerations with-                                                        •BSR/NFPA 329-200x, Recommended
                                               Testing and Maintenance of Laminar Flow
in the scope of standard;                      Fume Hoods                                    Practice for Handling Releases of Flammable
    2) reverting to use of the term fume          •BSR/ASSE A10.1-200x, Safety Require-      and Combustible Liquids and Gases
hood, which the committee tried to elimi-      ments for Preplanning for Construction            •BSR/NFPA 495-200x, Explosive Materials
nate in the 2003 standard because the          Safety and Health                             Code
technical AIHA definition of fume is a                                                           •BSR/NFPA 505-200x, Fire Safety Standard
                                               In Development                                for Powered Industrial Trucks Including Type
solid particle;                                    •BSR/MH 28.3-200x, Design, Manufacture    Designations, Areas of Use, Conversions,
    3) replacing the current lower limit on    and Installation of Industrial Steel Work     Maintenance and Operations
air flow through a fume hood (25 cfm/sq        Platforms                                         •BSR/NFPA 1500-200x, Standard on Fire
ft) with a range of values and guidance            •BSR/ASSE A10.36-200x, Safety             Department Occupational Safety and Health
on how to select the minimum flow;             Requirements for Railroad Construction,       Program
    4) increasing emphasis on a laborato-      Maintenance, Analysis and Demolition              •BSR/NFPA 1582-200x, Standard on Com-
                                               Equipment                                     prehensive Occupational Medical Program
ry ventilation management plan;                                                              for Fire Departments
    5) increasing information on capabili-     Under Revision                                    •BSR/ASSE A10.16-200x, Safety Require-
ties and limitation of ductless fume              •BSR/NFPA 120-200x, Standard for Fire      ments for Tunnels, Shafts and Caissons
hoods;                                         Prevention and Control in Coal Mines              •BSR/AIHA Z88.10-200x, Respirator Fit
    6) designing information relative to          •BSR/NFPA 122-200x, Standard for Fire      Testing Methods
                                               Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal
emergency modes of operation (e.g.,
ensuring that emergency mode opera-
tions do not prevent emergency egress            “While the long-standing public health      ing period. Comments must be received
due to extreme pressure differentials);       view is that influenza transmission occurs     by Feb. 14, 2010, to be discussed during
    7) incorporating new information          through direct contact or large droplets,      the May 2010 meeting. To receive a copy
about the hazardous exhaust designation;      newer data suggest it also occurs through      of ISO 26000, contact ANSI’s Steven
    8) updating the preventive mainte-        the airborne route, meaning HVAC and           Cornish at
nance section.                                refrigeration systems may contribute far
    Send questions, comments or requests      more to transmission of the disease and,       ASSE Packages A10
to join a subcommittee to Mili Mavely,        potentially, to reduction of that same         Construction Standards
AIHA program manager, standards, at           transmission risk,” says ASHRAE Presi-         ASSE members continue to share their                             dent Gordon Holness. He adds that sever-       successes in using the A10 Construction
                                              al technical solutions, such as dilution       Safety Standards package, which bun-
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