; $33 Million to Expand Training of Healthcare Professionals
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$33 Million to Expand Training of Healthcare Professionals


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                        EMPLOYEE TRAINING                                        are within the purview of the building code depart-
                        $33 Million to Expand Training                           ment while enhancing disaster resistance and set-
                                                                                 ting more stringent durability requirements.
                        of Healthcare Professionals                                 A sustainable building with a higher degree of
                        U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
                                                                                 durability can decrease the amount of materials
                        (DHHS) awarded $33 million in funds to expand
                                                                                 going to landfills and use of community resources
                                             healthcare professional train-
                                                                                 when disasters occur, PCA says. The ordinance pro-
                                             ing. “These funds are helping
                                                                                 vides mandatory requirements for increased resist-
                                             us rebuild the infrastructure
                                                                                 ance to natural disasters with the goal of reducing
                                             needed to produce more
                                                                                 the number of destroyed buildings while protecting
                                             skilled health professionals,”
                                                                                 property and saving lives.
                                             says DHHS Administrator
                                                                                    To download the free PDF, visit www.cement
                                             Mary Wakefield. The funds
                                             are part of the $500 million ini-
                                             tiative to help address work-
                                             force shortages under the           NANOTECHNOLOGY
                                             American Recovery and               New Strategy to Help
                                             Reinvestment Act.                   Understand Nanomaterials
                                                The $33 million will be dis-   EPA outlined a new research strategy to better
                                             tributed through six DHHS         understand how manufactured nanomaterials may
 By expanding train-    Health Resources and Services Administration pro-      harm human health and the environment. These
ing, U.S. Department    grams: Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students;        materials are currently used in hundreds of con-
        of Health and   Centers of Excellence; Public Health Traineeships;     sumer products, including sunscreen, cosmetics
   Human Services is    Nursing Workforce Diversity; Health Careers            and sports equipment.
     helping produce    Opportunities; and Dental Public Health Residency          EPA’s strategy outlines what research the agency
 more skilled health-   Training.                                              will support over the next several years to generate
  care professionals.     To learn more about the awards and their pro-        information about the safe use of nanotechnology
                        grams, visit www.hhs.gov/recovery/programs/            and products that contain nanoscale materials. The
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