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Rules for Wastewater Discharges From Power Plants to Change


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									                                                     Once finalized, EPA and
                                                  states would incorporate the            ASSE Revises
                                                  new standards into wastewater           Distracted Driving
  Rules &                                         discharge permits. Find more            Position Statement
  Regs                                            information on wastewater dis-
                                                  charges from power plants at
                                                                                          ASSE’s revised position statement,
                                                                                          Distracted Driving in Motor
                                                       Vehicles, addresses the current
                                                  guide/steam.                            national discussion focused on dis-
   Comments may be submitted by mail                                                      tractions caused by electronic
to NIOSH Docket Office, Robert A. Taft            PROFESSIONAL ETHICS                     devices used to make calls, send
Laboratories, MS-C34, 4676 Columbia                                                       and receive text messages, play
Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45226; faxed to
                                                  Watch List Targets                      music and search for information
(513) 533-8285; or sent by e-mail to niosh        Fraudulent                              while driving. Although the Society
                                                                                          agrees that legislative and regula- Comments should refer-            OSHA Trainers                           tory action are needed to address
ence docket number NIOSH-150 and must             In an effort to crack down on           these risks, it cautions that “atten-
be received by Nov. 14.                           fraudulent trainers and contin-         tion to electronic devices should not take away from an
                                                  ue strengthening the integrity          overall understanding that these devices are only one
POLLUTION PREVENTION                              of the Outreach Training                part of the distracted driving problem.” ASSE is secre-
                                                                                          tariat of the Z15 ANSI Accredited Standards Develop-
Rules for Wastewater                              Program, OSHA has estab-
                                                                                          ment Committee for motor vehicle operations.
Discharges From Power                             lished a watch list (found at               View the statement at
Plants to Change                                  reach/construction_general
Wastewater discharges from power plants           industry/watchlist.html) of those whose           first ever greenhouse gas emissions stan-
can have major adverse effects on water           trainer authorization has been revoked or         dards for vehicles, and moved substan-
quality and wildlife. To address this haz-        suspended. The agency has also imple-             tially closer to an efficient, clean energy
ard, EPA is revising the existing standards       mented a tighter record control proce-            future,” says EPA Administrator Lisa
for water discharges from coal-fired              dure. To report fraud and abuse, contact          Jackson. Transportation Secretary Ray
power plants.                                     the OSHA hotline at (847) 297-4810.               LaHood believes the program will “bring
   Based on its multiyear study of power                                                            about a new era in automotive history.”
plant wastewater discharges, the agency           CLIMATE CHANGE                                       The program would cover model years
concluded that current regulations, origi-
nally issued in 1982, have not kept pace          Program to Improve                                2012 through 2016. Read the proposal and
                                                  Fuel Economy & Reduce                             supporting information at
with changes in the electric power in-                                                              otaq/climate/regulations.htm.
dustry. “Air pollution controls installed         Greenhouse Gases
to remove pollution from smokestacks              DOT and EPA have proposed a rule that
have made great strides in cleaning the           would establish a program to impr
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