H1N1 Flu Preparedness Guide for Small Businesses

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					  In the
                         Study Shows Drivers in                                   Energy-Star-qualified products and using energy-
                         School Zones Often Distracted                            efficient practices. The tour will also feature local
                                                                                  youth organizations.
                         A    study conducted by Safe Kids USA shows that
                              one of every six drivers in school zones is dis-
                         tracted by cell phone use, eating, drinking, smok-
                                                                                     For more information, visit www.energystar
                                                           ing, reaching
                                                           behind, grooming       Consumer Product Safety
                                                           and reading. The       Available on Social Media Sites
                                                           study, Characteris-
                                                           tics of Distracted
                                                           Drivers in School
                                                                                  U     .S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
                                                                                        (CPSC) is launching a comprehensive social
                                                                                  networking initiative called CPSC 2.0 that will
                                                           Zones: A National      make lifesaving and other safety information more
                                                           Report, consisted of   accessible to consumers by utilizing technologies
                                                           more than 40,000       and social media sites. CPSC Chair
                                                           roadside surveys in    Inez Tenenbaum says through this
                                                           20 U.S. locations.     initiative, CPSC can directly
                                                              “With recent        reach those who need safety
                                                           research demon-        information the most.
                                                           strating that the         The social media outreach
Safe Kids USA found      driving skills of a distracted driver are as bad as or   also coincides with CPSC’s
that one of every six    worse than an intoxicated driver, the overall rele-      Furniture and TV Tip-over
     drivers in school   vance of this study is clear,” says Moira Donahue,       Education campaign. Inform-
  zones is distracted    director of Safe Kids’ pedestrian safety program.        ing people about the dangers of
       when driving.     “Almost one in six drivers in a school zone behaves      unstable furniture through
                         like a drunk driver,” she says.                          video, blogs and podcasts, CPSC
                            The study also found these statistics:                hopes to raise the public’s awareness
                            •Unbelted drivers are 34% more likely to be dis-      of tip-over dangers in the home.
                         tracted than belted drivers.                                CPSC says future CPSC 2.0 content will address
                            •Afternoon drivers are 22% more likely to be          other safety issues in and around the home.
                         distracted than morning drivers.                         Consumers can find CPSC on its OnSafety blog
                            •Females are 21% more likely to be distracted         (www.cpsc.gov/onsafety), which has messages,
                         than males.                                    
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