ASABE Revises Ag-Equipment Safety Standard

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                       ASABE Revises Ag-Equipment Safety Standard
                       American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has revised one of its widely used
                       standards and created a new standard in the process.
                          The revised document, ANSI/ASAE S318.17, Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment, excludes sec-
                       tions on power take-off drive shaft and power input connection. The exclusions now form the basis of a
                       new ASABE standard, ANSI/ASAE S604, Safety for
   Hotlinks            Power Take-off, Implement Input Driveline,            ISEA Publishes Q&A Brochure
                       Implement Input Connection and Auxiliary Power
                                                                             on Product Standards
       ANSI            Take-off for Agricultural Field Equipment.
 American National        The move advances efforts toward international     A new brochure from ISEA explains how product stan-
 Standards Institute   harmonization of such standards and the eventual      dards are developed and used, and why it is important                                                             for equipment manufacturers to participate in their
                       goal of adopting ISO 5673 Part 1, Agricultural trac-  development. Safety Equipment Standards—Your Keys to
                       tors and machinery—Power take-off drive shafts        Business Success is organized in a question-and-answer
     ASABE             and power-input connection—Part 1: General man-       format, covering U.S. standards, international standards
 American Society      ufacturing and safety requirements.                   and conformity assessment. Download the brochure at
of Agricultural and                                                
Biological Engineers      For information on this or other ASABE stan-        dards, contact ASABE’s Scott Cedarquist, (269) 429-
                       0300,, or visit
  American Society     ISO Publishes Standard for Fire Safety Design
 of Safety Engineers   A new international standard for fire safety engineering will help save lives, reduce costs due to fire dam-
                       age and bring economic savings through improved fire safety design. ISO 23932:2009, Fire Safety
                       Engineering—General Principles, outlines a performance-based methodology for engineers to assess the
      ASTM             level of fire safety for new or existing built environments.
 ASTM International       Fire safety is evaluated through an approach based on risk assessment and knowledge of human and
                       fire behavior, and of the consequences of such behavior on human safety, property and the environment.
                       The standard provides an overview of how fire safety engineering analyses and assessments are conduct-
        CEN            ed, with links to more specific standards, including those already published or under development.
European Committee        The basic principles in the standard cover phenomena associated with fire (e.g., fire growth, hot gases,
 for Standardization
                       movement of effluents, structural and compartmentation 
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