Seatbelt Enforcement Results in Fewer Deaths, Data Shows by ProQuest


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									                                                              requirements have been eliminated and            Laws vary greatly between different
                                                              replaced with two basic eligibility criteria:    states, but overall trends indicate that
                                                                 •A B.A. in any discipline, or a current       stronger seatbelt enforcement results in
  Industry                                                    state license as a registered nurse with a       fewer fatalities, with stricter laws result-
  Notescontinued                                              minimum of an associate’s degree in
                                                              nursing. Because the field is multifaceted,
                                                                                                               ing in more drastic decreases in deaths.
                                                                                                                  “Wearing a seatbelt costs nothing and
                    from page 21                              no one degree program exists that covers         yet it’s the single most effective traffic
                                                              employer-based disability management.            safety device ever invented,” says
teach at the collegiate level for 3 years                        •A minimum of 12 months of accept-            Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.
after completing their degree.                                able full-time employment, providing                Currently, 29 states have primary seat-
   Application deadline is Dec. 1, 2009.                      direct disability management services to         belt laws and 20 states have secondary
For more information, visit www.asse                          individuals with disabilities and/or who         laws. Only New Hampshire has neither.
.org/foundation/pro_grants/phd-fel                            receive benefits from a disability manage-       The difference between a primary and
lowship.php.                                                  ment system. Only full-time, paid employ-        secondary law is that an officer can pull
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                      ment at a minimum of 37 hours a week is          a driver over for a primary law and
                                                              acceptable. Also, a minimum of 60% of a          issue a fine. Secondary laws require the
New Criteria for Certified                                    person’s time must be in two of three job        person to be pulled over for a different
Disability Management                                         function areas or domains (disability case       reason, such as speeding, before being
Specialist Exam                                               management, disability prevention and            ticketed for a seatbelt infraction. Fines
The eligibility criteria for those wanting to                 workplace intervention, or program man-          and technicalities between states differ,
take the Certified Disability Management                      agement, development and evaluation).            but the overall results are the same.
Specialist certification exam have been                          For complete information on eligibili-           According to data from the Fatality
revised by Certification of Disability                        ty criteria, visit                 Analysis Reporting System, fatalities per
Management Specialists Commission. The                                                                         million vehicle miles have decreased by
new criteria reflect the latest trends in dis-                ROAD SAFETY                                      21% from 1994 to 2007 over all states.
ability management, including wider pro-                                                                       From 2006 to 2007, traffic fatalities
fessional diversity among those practicing
                                                              Seatbelt Enforcement                             decreased by 4% across the country. But
in the field and a strong emphasis on                         Results in Fewer Deaths,                         states with primary laws tend to have
employment experience to develop the                          Data Shows                                       much lower rates, partially because of
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