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									Hazards. Skin notation assignments for    ing regulations. Operated by the intera-                ton of lead to the air each year. EPA will
each evaluated chemical will be integrat- gency eRulemaking Program, the web-                     consider whether additional monitoring
ed as they become available.              site helps individuals provide written                  near industrial sources of lead is war-
   Download the bulletin from www         comments to agencies before regulations                 ranted. The agency will also reconsider             are finalized.                                          the monitoring requirements for urban
                                             Users can streamline search results                  areas as part of its review.
HAZARD COMMUNICATION                      with date ranges, select departments or                    The agency anticipates a final rule in
OSHA’s New Combustible agencies, andOther the results by docket
                                          or file folder.      changes include
                                                                                                  early spring 2010. For more information,
Dust Guidance                             interactive icons and links to common
OSHA has published a new document,        user tasks that prepopulate search fields               PERSONAL HEALTH
“Hazard Communication Guidance for        to help users find regulations and com-                 Individuals Must Be
Combustible Dusts.” The document is       ments. The site also provides quick
intended to help chemical manufacturers access, simplified navigation and addi-                   Notified of Health
and importers recognize the potential for tional information sharing, such as RSS                 Information Breaches
dust explosions, identify appropriate     feeds and social bookmarking.                           U.S. Department of Health & Human
protective measures and understand the                                                            Services (DHHS) issued new regulations
requirements for disseminating this                                                               requiring healthcare providers, health
information on MSDS and labels. The       AIR QUA
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