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									packages goes toward renewable
energy development.
                                           steps to stress green growth and a
UK, India—Less Stimulus Funding            sustainable energy future in their
Other countries are notable for their
                                           recent stimulus packages. Why? The
                                           nations with aggressive green stimulus                               Moving Ideas From
lack of stimulus funding for clean
energy and low-carbon technology—
                                           spending in 2008–2009 have laid the
                                           groundwork for leading in the future
                                                                                                                  Academia To
in particular, the United Kingdom
and India. The New Economics
                                           global economy by creating new
                                           industries, diversifying sources of
Foundation says that among rich            energy, and enhancing
nations, the UK’s stimulus had the                                                                          In an era that has seen the dwindling
                                           competitiveness through energy                                   of large corporate research laboratories,
fewest provisions for green initiatives    efficiency while responding to the
while HSBC estimates India’s green                                                                          the major stimulus for innovation
                                           urgency of climate change.                                       increasingly resides in universities. But
stimulus investment to be zero (10).
                                           References                                                       all too frequently, translating academic
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has                                                                             research advances into market-
                                           1. Robins, N., Clover, R. and Singh, C. 2009. More Green Money
stated that his country’s money            on the Table. HSBC Global Research.                              changing technologies occurs at a
allocation reflects its already strong                                                                       glacial pace. That stems in large
                                           2. Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. 2007. China
carbon-reduction plan and needs little     Now Number One in CO2 Emissions, U.S. in Second Position.        measure from the inability of academic
additional resources. Indeed, the UK
                                                                                                            scientists to recognize the commercial
(and especially Scotland) has a thriving                                                                    potential of their research.
renewable energy industry, progressive     3. Seligsohn, D. and Bradley, R. 2009. Energy and Climate
                                           Policy Action in China (Update). World Resources Institute       A series of projects at the Ewing
low-carbon transportation policies, and    (WRI). Available at
                                           energy-and-climate-policy-action-china-update                    Marion Kauffman Foundation in
R&D funding for clean energy.
                                                                                                            Kansas City, Missouri aims “to
Nonetheless, the allocation has drawn      4. Robins, N., Clover, R. and Singh, C. 2009. A Climate for
                                           Recovery: The colour of stimulus goes green. HSBC Global         identify and remove barriers that
criticism from inside and outside of the   Research.                                                        inhibit the transformation of
UK for not being enough.
                                           5. Robins, N., Clover, R. and Singh, C. 2009. A Climate for      knowledge into products and services
India seems less interested in green       Recovery: The colour of stimulus goes green. HSBC Global
                                           Research and Clover, R., Robins, N. and Magness, J. 2009. U.S.
                                                                                                            that improve the way we live, work,
initiatives altogether. Despite a recent   Stimulus Package: Implication for Renewables. HSBC Global        and play,” according to the
deal with the United States to develop                                                                      foundation’s website.
its nuclear power industry and a small     6. Creyts, J., Derkach, A., Nyquist, S., Ostrowski, K. and
                                           Stephenson, J. 2007. Abating U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions:      “We’ve witnessed a disaggregation of
amount of hydropower, India has so far     How Much and At What Cost? McKinsey and Company.                 research,” says Lesa Mitchell, the
made little investment in developing
                                           7. Bradsher, K. 2009. China’s Route Forward. The New York        foundation’s vice president for
and producing green technologies. This     Times. Available at:        advancing innovation. “Over the past
position will be challenged as the         worldbusiness/23yuan.html.
                                                                                                            20 years, while U.S. industries have
country doubles its primary energy use     8. Council of the European Union. 2009. Council approves         contracted in terms of research
by 2030 and becomes the third largest      recovery plan projects in the field of energy. Press release
                                           11672/09.                                                        laboratory funding, universities have
oil importer b
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