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                                                                                                     Adding Value:

                                                   How To Fold ‘Rite’
                                                                                          By Liz Fedorowicz
                                                                                          A special folding technique doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of
                                                                                          money or time. Trish Witkowski, FOLDRite creator and chief folding
                                                                                          fanatic at, has many ways in which to make printed
                                                                                          products look great “on the cheap.”

                                                                                          FOLDRite is comprised of five core components: folding compensation
                                                                                          mathematics, animated folding illustrations, naming and numbering
                                                                                          conventions, considerations and a levels system for budgetary guidance.
                                                                                          FOLDRite is the backbone of all of foldfactory’s offerings, including the
                                                                                          template building software, services and publications. is
                                                                                          the five-year-old Web site that provides insight into all of these services.

                                                                                          “There are many options if a printer’s client has a lower budget for fold-
                                                                                          ing,” she noted. “Trimming is an inexpensive way to make a piece look
                                                                                          specially folded.”

                                                                                          She explained: “By making a straight trim or an angle trim, your piece
                                                                                          can look like it was die cut. You can create interesting looks with angle
                                                                                          trims that add value and style to a printed piece.”

                                                                                          Foldfactory offers many educational items including software that
                                                                                          automates custom templates in InDesign to teach printers about easy
                                                                                          folding techniques. The most popular part of the site, which was
                                                                                          revamped in May, is Witkowski’s videos on folding. “I offer a 60-sec-
                                                                                          ond e-blast each week that is a video showing or talking about a spe-
                                                                                          cial fold. I wear a folding comment on my shirt, such as “Be a Bold
                                                                                          Folder’, and explain the fold.”
             Feelin’ Those Print Migrations:
                Print 09 Wrap-Up Part 2                                                   Witkowski has been sending these e-blasts, which she dubbed Fold of
                                                                                          the Week, for three months and has gotten a fantastic response from her
 By Mark Vruno                                 come 5 p.m. While attendance admit-        audience. “I’ve had 60,000 people view my fold videos.”
 The annual Graph Expo printer migra-          tedly was down, foot traffic did pick up
 tion to Chicago stepped up earlier this       as the show went on. Most exhibitors       Other instructional videos on the site, there are 140 total, show
 month for the quadrennial Print 09            stressed the quality of leads they were    Witkowski’s hands folding items. These videos can be e-mailed directly
 show. For me, it’s all about the bus and      getting over the quantity. The bottom      to a printer’s client for demonstration purposes. “It’s very hard to
 taxi lines outside McCormick Place. To        line: more decision makers were ready      explain folding, you have to show someone how it will look,” she
 judge the success of a trade show, you        to buy (see sidebar).                      noted. “This allows printers to create a dialogue with their customers
 can usually get a semi-accurate gauge                                                    before the piece is finished.”
 by the lines (or lack of) at the cab stands                        continued on page 8
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