Printing Industries of America's Leadership Summit takes place in advance of the Converge Conference in Orlando, FIa. The Summit will give executives the chance to explore the management challenges tied to offering new services, including personalized communications. Executives will network with peers in roundtable forums to openly discuss these challenges.

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                                                               EVENT CALENDAR   october
                                                                                27-30 (Tues.-Fri.)
                                                                                                                                                    Digital Levels the
                                                                                High quality of brochures, packaging or other printed
                                                                                products are the key to successful marketing com-
                                                                                                                                                      Playing Field
                                                                                munication. The challenge is to usher a job through          For years sophisticated marketing programs have been devel-
                                                                                the procurement and production process while guar-           oped largely by big, corporate marketers with deep pockets
                                                                                anteeing a high level of quality, regardless of where        and seemingly limitless print options. Particularly for small
                                                                                and when a job is printed. At its four-day “Print Buyer      or mid-sized business, it can feel like marketing—particularly
                                                                                University” to be held at Heidelberg’s Print Media           print marketing—cannot compete. But the fact is, just as the
                                                                                Academy in Heidelberg, Germany, marketing, purchas-          Internet has leveled the playing field for small businesses
                                                                                ing and production professionals in advertising agen-        by allowing them to create Web sites indistinguishable from
                                                                                cies, publishing companies and manufacturers will            those of the largest corporations, digital printing has leveled
                                                                                learn how to take offset printed projects to a new and       the playing field in terms of the quality and sophistication
                                                                                more effective level. Detailed information and refer-        of print. Not just because it allows marketers to print high-
                                                                                ences are available at www.print-media-academy.com.          quality, color jobs in extremely short runs economically, but
                                                                                                                                             because business model changes within the commercial
                                                                                november                                                     printing industry have brought even the most sophisticated
                                                                                                                                             print marketing applications, such as personalized URLs, 1:1
                                                                                3-5 (Tues.-Thurs.)                                           personalization, and Web-based, centralized brand and docu-
                                                                                The 4th Annual Print Buyers Conference, sponsored by         ment management, into the range of smaller budgets.
                                                                                Print Buyers International, LLC, (PBI) a provider of edu-
                                                                                cation and networking for print buying professionals, will   Not that digital printing is only for small and mid-sized mar-
                                                                                be held at the Westford Regency Inn and Conference           keters. The impact on the corporate level is just as transforma-
                                                                                Center, Westford, Mass. The conference will give print       tional. Like small and mid-sized marketers, corporations can
                                                                                buyers, graphic designers, production managers, market-      take advantage of the applications driven by this technology.
                                                                                ers, and others an in-depth understanding of what’s hap-     It is not unusual for larger corporate marketers to report sav-
                                                                                pening in communications today. Based on the theme,          ing hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching to docu-
                                                                                Relevance through Reinvention, the conference will fea-      ment management models driven by digital print production.
                                                                                ture four timely keynote presentations on a diverse range
                                                                                of topics. For more information, contact Barbara Graham,     Digital printing as a preferred production process is grow-
                                                                                (978) 490-0100, barbarajgraham@printbuyersinterna-           ing rapidly. More than half of commercial printers now offer
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