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                             Master Technician
                             FlightSafety’s maintenance training tool

                                     teve King, director of maintenance                    The Master Technician, Master Technician
                                     for Cox Enterprises in Atlanta, GA,               Management Endorsement, and Master
                                     has earned FlightSafety’s 1,000th                 Technician Avionics programs offer a pro-
                             Master Technician certification.                          gressive curriculum that takes technicians
                                King earned his coveted Master                         through initial training courses to advanced
                             Technician designation in June at                         operational maintenance procedures.
                             FlightSafety’s Savannah Maintenance                           FlightSafety has worked closely with
     By Barb Zuehlke         Learning Center when he completed his                     aircraft manufacturers in developing the
                             Operational Maintenance Procedures course                 programs getting their input and air-
                             for the Gulfstream GV. It’s his second Master             craft data on specific systems. It has also
                             Technician certificate — he also earned one               received endorsements from NCATT and
                             for the Gulfstream GIV. And he’s on track to              the American Council on Education (ACE).
                             earn a third, for the Hawker 800XP, meaning               ACE has approved courses for college cred-
                             he’ll be a Master Technician for all three air-           it, a 70-hour course at FlightSafety equals
                             craft types in his flight department.                     four upper division college credit hours.
                                FlightSafety International’s Master                        According to FlightSafety’s Keith
                             Technician professional development train-                McGann, Getting Master Technician certifi-
                             ing was developed to enhance aircraft tech-               cation isn’t simple. It takes about four years,
                             nicians’ career opportunities by rewarding                meeting once a year as you get more experi-
                             proficiency and increasing recognition in                 ence on specific aircraft. To get certification
                             the industry.                                             you must pass a closed book exam with a
                                                                                                        score of 90 percent or above.
                                                                                                        “You have to work at this,”
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