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									     Avionics Technology

                             So It’s Been 20 Years
                             The evolution of avionics and the industry

                                     eminiscing has never been one of my                  With virtually all the aircraft types cer-
                                     greatest joys. In fact, for me, most             tificated within the last 20 years it becomes
                                     of it involves waking up at some                 increasingly more difficult to distinguish
                             unusual hour only to venture back to the                 where the airframe stops and avionics begin.
                             airport to check if in fact I did safety that            Almost all of us in an aircraft maintenance
                             connector, read the squawk correctly, or                 role have come to the realization that com-
                             comply with all the required tests. So what              puter technology is in fact not a passing fad
                             exactly is noteworthy in the world of avion-             but another reality of the job. The concept of
     By Jim Sparks           ics over the past two decades?                           self-diagnostics has still not been fully com-
                                One of the most obvious changes has                   prehended by many of our colleagues and the
                             been the gradual evolution of mechanics                  thought of “Fly by Wire” evolving into busi-
                             into technicians. In the eyes of many this               ness aviation as well as general aviation has
                             change is nothing more than a play on                    been inconceivable.
                             words. The implication in my view is that
                             our industry has now realized our profes-                Education and training
                             sion involves significantly more than just                  Perhaps the biggest challenge our indus-
                             mechanical knowledge and aptitude.                       try faces is keeping the knowledge level of
                                                                                                 technicians in line with technologi-
                                                                                                 cal advancements. Another reality
                                                                                                 is that aircraft of today can not be
                    New Hawkeye Video Borescopes                                                 learned in the same way as those
                                                                                                 manufactured prior to the 1980s.
                                            e visual inspection
                               Fully portable v
                               …starting at $7,995!                                              One of the most obvious changes
                                                                                                  has been the gradual evolution
                                                     ✔ 2 and 4-Way Articulation                    of mechanics into technicians.
                                                     ✔ Video and Still Image Capture             The implication in my view is that
                                                     ✔ 4 and 6 mm Diameters,                     our industry has now realized our
                                                        Up to 6 Meter Lengths
                                                                                                  profession involves significantly
                                                     ✔ Simple & Easy to Use
                                                                                                 more than just mechanical knowl-
                                                                                                         edge and aptitude.
                                                                                                    Many initiatives are underway
                                                                                                 through the efforts of several pro-
                                                                                                 fessional organizations to improve
                                                                                                 the aviation maintenance profession
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