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for	Teaching	and	Learning.	The	STEM	Center	is	the	branch	          is	the	conference	theme.	See	the	TEAP	website	for	more	
of	ITEA	under	which	the	Engineering	byDesign™	National	            details:	
Model	Program	was	developed.	Engineering	byDesign™	
(EbD™)	is	a	standards-based	National	Model	Program.	The	           November 6, 2009		The	New	England	Association	
intent	of	the	curriculum	is	to	help	students	in	Grades	K–12	       of	Technology	Teachers	(NEATT)	will	hold	its	annual	
become	technologically	literate,	working	within	the	context	       conference	at	Fitchburg	State	College.	Stay	tuned	to		
of	Science,	Technology,	Engineering,	and	Mathematics	    	for	
(STEM).	The	STEM	Center	will	continue	CATTS’	work	                 full	details.
aimed	towards	improving	research	and	instruction	for	
technology	and	engineering	education.                              November 11-13, 2009		ICTE	2009	(International	
                                                                   Conference	on	Technology	Education	in	the	Asia-Pacific	
Engineering byDesign™ Consortium Meeting Held                      Region)	will	hold	its	fall	conference,	“Less	is	More:	
in Virginia                                                        Searching	Solutions	to	Facilitate	Technology	Education	
                                                                   with	Limited	Resources,”	in	Taipei,	Taiwan.	ICTE	is	a	
The	annual	September	Consortium	Leadership	Institute	
                                                                   biennial	conference	in	which	the	most	representative	
(CLI)	was	held	September	16-18	in	Herndon,	VA.	
                                                                   technology	associations/societies	in	seven	countries	in	the	
During	this	meeting,	the	ITEA-EbD™	State	Consortium	
                                                                   Asia-Pacific	Rim	participate.	William	E.	Dugger,	Jr.,	DTE,	
Representatives	and	EbD™	staff	reviewed	the	progress	of	the	
                                                                   ITEA Senior	Fellow,	will	be	ITEA’s	Representative	at	the	
STEM	Center	for	Teaching	and	Learning	and	planned	for	
                                                                   ICTE	conference. He	will	deliver	an	address	on	the	State	of	
its	future.	Selected	invited	guests	also	attended	as	observers.	
                                                                   Technology	Education	in the	United	States.	The	conference	
Teachers	should	be	in	contact	with	their	Consortium	
                                                                   website	is	Or	email	Dr.	
Representatives	to	find	out	all	the	latest	news	about	the	
                                                                   Chi-Cheng	Chang	at	for		
entire	EbD™	program,	including	curricula,	professional	
                                                                   additional	information.
development,	and	online	student	assessments,	which	are	
available	to	teachers	within	Consortium	States.	To	find	out	       November 11-13, 2009		DeVilbiss,	Binks	and	
whether	you	are	in	a	Consortium	state	or	to	find	contact	          Owens	Community	College	have	teamed	up	to	present	a	
information	for	your	Consortium	Representative,	please	            Spray	Finishing	Technology	Workshop	in	Toledo,	Ohio.	
visit               Attendees	should	be	involved	with	industrial,	contractor,	
htm.	If	you	are	not	in	a	Consortium	State	and	would	like	to	       or	maintenance	spray	finishing	applications,	or	spray	
find	out	how	to	involve	your	state	in	this	groundbreaking	         equipment	sales	and	distribution.	Two	Continuing	
work	for	the	profession,	email	or	call	        Education	Units	are	awarded.	Information	
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