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Hurry! The ITEA Grant and Scholarship Deadline is December 1


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									         STEM News

Hurry! The ITEA grant and Scholarship Deadline is                 for	perfect	early-spring	weather,	and	housing	at	the	ITEA	
December 1                                                        hotels	(coheadquarters	Hilton	and	Westin	as	well	as	the	
                                                                  Omni	and	Holiday	Inn)	offer	terrific	conference	rates.	The	
Are	you	interested	in	applying	for	an	ITEA	scholarship	or	
                                                                  Hilton	will	be	the	host	hotel	for	sessions	for	CS,	TECA,	and	
grant?	The	December	1st	application	deadline	is	just	around	
                                                                  CTTE,	while	the	sessions	for	TECC	and	all	EbD™	workshops	
the	corner.	Whether	you	are	an	undergraduate	student,	
                                                                  will	be	held	at	the	Westin.	Both	hotels	are	directly	across	
graduate	student,	or	technology	education	classroom	
                                                                  the	street	from	the	convention	center,	and	Charlotte	is	truly	
teacher,	you	will	want	to	check	out	the	scholarships	and	
                                                                  a	walking	city,	offering	much	to	do	in	the	downtown	area	
grants	that	ITEA	has	to	offer	(
                                                                  including	dozens	of	restaurants	within	a	four-block	walk.	
Awards/awards.htm).	Applications	must	be	postmarked	
by	December	1,	2009.	Absolutely	no	applications	will	be	          Amidst	a	growing	cityscape,	Charlotte	delivers	cultural	
accepted	after	the	deadline.	This	deadline	also	applies	          attractions	and	distractions,	dining	and	nightlife	for	every	
to	applications	for	the	Program	Excellence	and	Teacher	           style,	and	a	Southern	ambiance	all	its	own.	Charlotte	
Excellence	awards,	which	must	be	submitted	by	ITEA’s	             is	within	a	day’s	drive	for	those	on	the	east	coast,	and	
Affiliate	Representatives.	Affiliate	Representative	contact	      Charlotte	Douglas	International	Airport	connects	the	
information	can	be	found	at                  Carolinas	to	the	world	with	more	daily	flights	per	capita	
Resources/affiliatereps.htm.	                                     than	any	other	airport	in	the	nation.	And	it’s	close	to	
                                                                  downtown—just	six	miles	north	or	a	ten-minute	drive	to	
Start your (green) Engines!                                       the	city	center.	A	hub	for	US	Airways,	Charlotte	is	one	of	
Where	will	your	colleagues	be	in	just	four	short	months?	         the	most	accessible	conference	destinations	in	the	U.S.,	
In	Charlotte,	participating	in	Green	Technology:	STEM	            offering	nonstop	service	to	over	120	destinations	worldwide	
Solutions	for	21st	Century	Citizens.	This	important	topic	is	     via	more	than	600	daily	flights.	And	there	is	so	much	to	
the	conference	theme	for	the	ITEA	2010	Conference,	and	           see	and	do.	Bring	your	spouse	and/or	family,	to	enjoy	such	
for	three	to	four	days	you’ll	be	immer
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