Sharing and Implementation of Heterogeneous Database for Education Resource Based on XML by ProQuest


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									J. Software Engineering & Applications, 2009, 2: 200-205
doi:10.4236/jsea.2009.23027 Published Online October 2009 (

Sharing and Implementation of Heterogeneous
Database for Education Resource Based on XML
Shixi TANG
YanCheng Teachers University College of Science & Technology, Yancheng, China.

Received May 11th, 2009; revised July 1st, 2009; accepted July 15th, 2009.

The problem of sharing heterogeneous database for accessing different educational resources has to be considered. The
study is carried out to realize the heterogeneous database sharing for educational resources using multi-media educa-
tional resources as the researching object. XML is applied as middleware for the practical requirements of education.
The study has important practical significance for the intellectualization of educational and teaching resource platform.

Keywords: Heterogeneous Database, XML, Education Resource

1. Introduction                                                      standard on Internet. Meanwhile, XML and a series of
                                                                     related standards have been widely accepted and used,
Nowadays, material resource, energy resource and in-                 including the generation, storage, analysis of XML
formation resource are three pillar resources during the             documents, which lay the foundation for XML as data-
development of technology and economics. Educational                 base, as well as offer the possibility to realize the sharing
information resource, as an important part of information            of data in heterogeneous databases. The automatic trans-
resource, plays an important role in improving the teach-            forming XML into different relational databases effec-
ing quality and mining the potential of education. There-            tively has different ways. Oracle XML SQL Utility mod-
fore, many countries have set up national educational                els XML documents element as a group of nesting tables,
resources centers, such as the National Educational Re-              through the element that oracle object data type modeled;
sources Information Center of United States, the National            IBM DB2 XML Extender saves the XML documents as
Network for Basic Education Resource held by Basic                   BLOB type object, decomposes them to a group of tables,
Education Curriculum Development Center of Ministry                  and defines the XML collection by the XML1.0 grammar.
of Education and Central Audio-Visual Education Center               Microsoft solves the problem through expanding SQL-92
of China. The construction of educational resources base             and involving the OPENXML line collection; Sybase
with corporations such as Resource of China School,                  Adaptive Server takes ResultSetXml Java class as the
K12, Clever, ZhongJiaoYuxing, Cisco Tong Fang,                       foundation of processing XML documents in two direc-
Tuteng, Tinghua Tangfang, becomes more and more                      tions [1 3].
mature. Education resource has already become an im-                    However, all manufacturers have a general character
portant part of network resource. It plays important role            that the XML durability establishes in a special founda-
in solving the problems such as information selection,               tion, and there is no general facility to save all the XML
information identification, information digestion, and               documents. If the XML documents use a new grammar,
information individuation when users get amount of in-               it needs a special mapping. This is very disadvantageous
formation through education resource base.                           for the visiting and sharing the different heterogeneous
   It turns out to be the most potential resource for global         education resource. Firstly, education resource’s descrip-
information transferring and sharing with the rapid de-              tion is very complex, each education resource’s compre-
velopment of WWW. The requirements and development                   hensive description reaches more than 160 terms based
of new fields, such as e-commerce, e-books and distance              on international standard, which has the internationaliza-
education have made Web data more complex and di-                    tion request, and needs a standardized description frame.
verse. Therefore, it is difficult to store and manage all the        Secondly, the existing education resource’s description is
different Web data by traditional database technology.         
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