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$1 million a day


Entergy Nuclear operates 12 commercial nuclear power reactors with a total nameplate capacity of about 11,000 megawatts. Entergy Nuclear is adopting digital technology to do a more thorough and cost-effective job of engineering and planning maintenance tasks. Nearly all US nuclear power plants are 20 to 40 years old, so shutdowns for maintenance are nothing new. Traditionally, utility companies have planned outage work in containments with conferences, hundreds of paper drawings, project timelines, physical mockups, and similar training aids. A digital simulation makes it possible to evaluate new engineering ideas and alternatives solutions faster and at far less cost than by older methods of trial and error. Presenting results in animated visual form helps knowledge retention, and just as important, knowledge transfer, which is a major consideration today, when companies face the challenge of an aging workforce in which veteran employees retire in increasing numbers and companies lose the benefit of their experience.

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									$1 million a day
Mechanical Engineering; Nov 2009; 131, 11; Docstoc
pg. 35

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