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The Secret Life of Prince Charming - PDF


Philpot reviews The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti and read by Jeannie Stith.

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									702                                                 The Horn Book Magazine

father was taken away by soldiers and her mother disappeared, the lit-
tle girl “never spoke a word. She never smiled. She just sat, waiting for
her mama and papa to return.” Finally, the worried grandmother takes
her granddaughter to a secret school for girls, where for months she
remains silent until another little girl whispers (after the long winter
break), “I missed you.” Winter keeps to her characteristic art style, with
each acrylic painting neatly enclosed in a frame, and uses many patterns
and colors representative of Afghani fabrics. Dark clouds provide a
recurring motif throughout, in the sky or echoed below on the pave-
ment, until at the end, as Nasreen finally opens up again, the clouds turn
pink and there are glimpses of blue sky. As in The Librarian of Basra (rev.
1/05), Winter celebrates the importance of education (“the soldiers can
never close the windows that have opened for my granddaughter”), and
the reminder to Western children that it is a privilege worth fighting for
is a powerful one. s.d.l.

Deb Caletti The Secret Life of Prince Charming
   Rev. 7/09 BrillianceAudio 2009 8 CDs isbn 978-1-4233-9371-9 $97.97
   Read by Jeannie Stith.
   (High School)
Seventeen-year-old Quinn and her younger sister Sprout have been
warned by t
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