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still panics and imagines the worst when he realizes he has the wrong
duck. “What if he’s hurt? What if he’s scared? What if I never find him?”
One possibility Dodsworth fails to consider is, what if he’s at Bucking-
ham Palace entertaining the queen? A talented duck, Egan demon-
strates, has cross-cultural appeal. c.m.h.

Michael Ferrari Born to Fly
  213 pp. Delacorte 7/09 isbn 978-0-385-73715-9 $15.99
  Library edition isbn 978-0-385-90649-4 $18.99
Set at the onset of World War II (the bombing of Pearl Harbor happens
at the end of the first chapter), Ferrari’s debut novel is chock-full of both
action and theme. Eleven-year-old Bird, known for her overactive imag-
ination, has few—okay, make that no—friends. Only her mechanic father
understands her and her passion for flying. When he joins up and is sent
overseas, Bird feels lost, so when a stranger comes to her small Rhode
Island town, she’s ripe for companionship. This new friend is Kenji,
who, in the parlance of the book and the times, is a “Jap”; his parents
are imprisoned in Manzanar and, yes, he’s distrusted by the locals.
While fishing on the Atlantic shore, the two spot a submarine, but their
story is dismissed as a ridiculous tale from two misfits seeking attention.
In fact, there is a spy in their midst, with plans to kill President
Roosevelt. Bird and Kenji uncover the spy’s identity and thwart th
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