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Applesauce Season


Brabander reviews Applesauce Season by Eden Ross Lipson and illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein.

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									656                                               The Horn Book Magazine

Eden Ross Lipson Applesauce Season; illus. by Mordicai Gerstein
  40 pp. Roaring Brook 8/09 isbn 978-1-59643-216-1 $17.99
  (Preschool, Primary)
In this warm portrait of family and food, the young narrator tells us,
“Applesauce season starts just about the time school opens, when it is
still hot and summery but vacation is over.” He and his grandma, city
dwellers, go to the farmers’ market and buy six pounds of apples for
sauce and another six for “eating out of hand.” At home, mom helps out,
and three generations make the applesauce, a process the boy describes
from start (“Mom cuts them into quarters, Grandma cuts them into
sixths. I don’t know why”) to finish (“We taste till it tastes right, and
then it cools some more and thickens. Then it’s ready”). Though the boy
has two applesauce-lovin’ sisters, he’s clearly the one whose passion
equals Grandma’s—a connection emphasized in Gerstein’s cheery illus-
trations of the two wearing matching eyeglasses, frames round and red
as apples. As any good cooking show does, the pictures provide above-
the-countertop/stove/table views as the apples are transformed into
sauce. The final page includes a detailed recipe and an illustration of the
boy, now a dad, in the kitchen cutting apples with his daughter, sharing
a smile—and the same apple-red glasses. j.m.b.

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