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NAC Director


Installation of NAC Director is a two-part process. The fi rst is the initial setup and confi guration of the appliance itself. This is done through a short setup wizard. This wizard guides users through the network confi guration and getting the appliance up and running in the environment. The second part is done using a setup wizard as well, and this wizard gathers all the network device information, in addition to password and VLAN confi guration. Both wizards are web-based and are easy to follow.

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									                                                                                                        GROUP TEST l NAC

                       NAC Director                                                        Network Access Control

Vendor Bradford Networks                Agents can be either persistent          Vendor Enterasys                      found that even though it was
Price   $9,995                          or dissolvable and can run on            Price   starts at $8,995              based on the inline deployment,
Contact        Windows, Linux and Mac OS                Contact             it had a lot of nice flexibility in
                                        X. NAC Director also interfaces                                                terms of control and policies.
         he NAC Director from           with Microsoft Active Directory                  he Enterasys Network             Documentation included

T        Bradford Networks fea-
         tures a policy-driven archi-
tecture to provide agent-based
                                        for user and group configuration.
                                          Documentation includes an
                                        installation guide, as well as an
                                                                                 T       Access Control appliance
                                                                                         can be deployed inline or
                                                                                 out-of-band, which provides for
                                                                                                                       installation guides for both the
                                                                                                                       controller and the NetSight
                                                                                                                       appliance. Also provided was
access control across wired, wire-      in-depth guide for using the web         flexibility based on the network       a guide for the NetSight Policy
                less and VPN con-       interface. The installation guide        environment. This product             Manager application. We found
                nections throughout     covers the installation and initial      provides access control across        these to be well-organized.
                the network. The        configuration in a well-organized,        wired, wireless or VPN con-              Enterasys offers 24/7/365
                NAC Director can        step-by-step process. Both guides        nections. It can use a variety of     phone, email and web support,
enforce compliance of the operat-       include many screen shots and            authentication options.               including self-service case man-
ing system type and patch levels,       configuration examples.                      The setup consists of install-     agement tools. Customers can
anti-virus application type and           Bradford offers two sup-               ing the NetSight appliance,           also access a support website.
definition version levels, anti-spy-     port programs. There is also an          which includes the NAC Man-              With a price starting at just
ware application installation, and      expansive support area available         ager software, and installing         under $9,000, we find this
the presence of required applica-       on the website, which includes           the actual NAC controller. The        Enterasys product to be a good
tions, such as firewalls.                access to product documentation,         initial configuration of the Net-      value for the money. While the
   Installation of
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