On Our Way to Greener Pastures by ProQuest


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									On Our Way                                                                                                 farm where we now get our milk. Not
                                                                                                           only is the farm extremely clean and well
                                                                                                           run, confirming our intention to go raw,

to Greener Pastures                                                                                        but we had a great time visiting the farm
                                                                                                           and family who runs it. And for the first
                                                                                                           time in my and my kids’ lives, we got to
                                                                                                           see where our milk comes from! It was so
A family’s journey to                                                                                      much fun visiting the farm that we have
a greener, healthier lifestyle                                                                             decided to do it on a regular basis. This
                                                                                                           whole process of accessing raw milk and
                                                                                                           raw milk products has also supported my

By Deb Purcell                                                                                             beliefs in eating local food and knowing
                                                                                                           where our food comes from and who
                                                                                                           processes it. Switching to raw milk has
                                                                                                           possibly been our easiest new transition
    Drinking Raw Milk and Eating Meat                                                                      to make.

I n my last two articles, I introduced you
  to the changes our family has made by
eating fresh foods, by soaking and
                                              and vitamin B-6; kills beneficial bacte-
                                              ria; and has been linked to allergies,
                                                                                                                I’ve always been a meat eater. I enjoy
                                                                                                           eating meat and while I don’t eat lots of
sprouting our seeds, grains and nuts, and     tooth decay, colic in infants, growth                        it, I don’t really want to cut it out of my
by changing our ideas and practices           problems in children, osteoporosis, ar-                      diet. I also know that my partner would
when it comes to eating fats and oils.        thritis, heart disease and cancer. Homog-                    refuse to completely give up meat. When
This article is about milk and meat.          enized milk is also linked to heart disease                  I first read about how environmentally
                                              and some homogenized and pasteurized                         unfriendly beef is, my moral compass
Milk                                          milks (even organic) contain additives.                      went haywire. I like meat and believe
    As with other changes we’ve made to           Milk is and was pasteurized to eradi-                    that it is good for us
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