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         By Christa Miller

Bridging data to small jurisdictions
“T     he mobility of our criminals
       is an increasing concern,” says
 Jason Moen, deputy chief of the
                                                                                                      This diagram shows a
                                                                                                     network that connects
                                                                                                       three IMC customers,
                                                                                                     their case reports and
 Auburn (Maine) Police Department.                                                                       master names lists.

 “We have had criminals go on multi-
 county crime sprees, which can be
 difficult for an officer to track.”
    A CAD and RMS service com-
 pany took this issue under its wing
 when it decided to look into whether
 small- and medium-sized agencies
 could link these applications across
 agencies at a low cost.
    That’s how Information
 Management Corp. came up with its
 answer: Cross Agency Data Sharing.
    Information Management Corp.
 (IMC) had successfully delivered
 CAD, RMS and related solutions to
 law enforcement for years. Now it’s
 new application, Cross Agency Data
 Sharing. Cross Agency connects
 IMC customers, their case reports          of police in Dartmouth, Mass.,           er or the “hub.” The others con-
 and master names lists using each          says drove the initial decision to try   nect as spokes and do not connect
 member department’s existing IMC           to get agencies integrated. “In one      directly to each other.
 databases. This way, rather than rely      jurisdiction, an officer made a traf-       The “best connection” is a matter
 on a centralized data repository,          fic stop on a speeding vehicle,” he      of what Leo Hisoire, IMC director
 agencies can implement the solution        says. “The officer queried the Cross     of engineering and interim general
 with low overhead.                         Agency system and found out the          manager, calls “a solid network
    “A cross-agency search can track        offender was wanted in a neigh-          infrastructure with quality hardware
 a suspect to different parts of the        boring jurisdiction on a domestic        and good bandwidth.” This includes
 state if that suspect has had police       violence charge, which had been          a variety of network types: The
 contact,” Moen says.                       brought less than an hour previous-      state criminal justice information
    Cross Agency Data Sharing also          ly. He never would’ve known that         services (CJIS) network, or virtual
 allows real-time access to informa-        otherwise, and he w
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