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									     STUDENT NEWS

                                  Am I Dreaming?
                                               hen I        was elected to the Education Committee. To           Thank you to the students who served on

                                  W            think
                                               about it,
                                   am I dreaming?
                                                            say farewell in this position, I recall my year
                                                            as student representative and many things
                                                            have left an impression on me:
                                                                                                              other AANA committees this past year: Sara
                                                                                                              Miller, RN, BSN (Practice Committee);
                                                                                                              Shawn W. Metayer, RN, BSN, CCEMT-P
                                       When I think                                                           (Public Relations Committee) Julie. Zerwas,
                                                             • How powerful the AANA is
     Emily McClanahan Funk, about having                                                                      RN, BSN (Public Relations Committee); and
     RN, BSN, CCRN                 graduated high            • How passionate and dedicated                   Mike MacKinnon, RN, BScN, CEN, CCRN,
     Student Representative to     school, college,            anesthesia providers are                       CFRN (Political Action Committee). Thank
     the Education Committee       having received a         • How nurse anesthetists are gifted,             you also to the students who served on
     Email:       nursing                     intelligent, and are natural leaders in        councils during the past year: Tracie Duncan
                                   job immediately             healthcare                                     Loscalzo, RN, BSN, CRNA [as of June]
          following graduation, having the opportunity                                                        (Council on Accreditation of Nurse
                                                             • How impressive the student nurse
          to attend graduate school, being in an anes-         anesthetists are today                         Anesthesia Educational Programs) and Stacy
          thesia program…am I dreaming?                                                                       Mitchell, RN, BSN (Council for Public
              When I consider my access to healthcare,         The nurse anesthesia profession will not       Interest in Anesthesia).
          researchers, educators, leaders, I grasp how      only continue, but excel and become more             And thank you to my husband, Nathan,
          fortunate I am to be in the position of a         than it has ever been before, as we take the      who now knows more about the world of
          nurse anesthesia student today.                   step from student nurse anesthetist to CRNA.      anesthesia than he ever thought possible.
              When I consider the economy, and the          I hope we all are grateful to be here. I hope         I am thrilled to introduce to you Chris
          individuals losing jobs, graduating profes-       we all give back to people or situations that     Leger, RN, BSN, CCRN, as your elected
          sionals with no firm offering a job, I remem-     brought us here. I hope that as we begin our      student representative to
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