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      State Government Affairs Update
      Mitchell Tobin, JD                                   have a graduate degree in a clinical APN
      Jana Conover, BA                                     specialty. As enacted, House Bill 1014
      Barbara Anderson, JD                                 reopens the grandfathering period in Illinois
      Bruce Allain, JD                                     for CRNAs without graduate degrees who
                                                           meet certain requirements, including (1)
      This article discusses recent Illinois legislation   completion of a nurse anesthesia educa-
      that reopens the grandfathering period for           tional program prior to January 1,
      CRNAs without graduate degrees.                      1999; (2) continual maintenance of
                                                           recertification; and (3) providing a five-year
      Illinois Reopens Grandfathering                      work history.
      Period for CRNAs Without                                 The law provides that the grandfathering
      Graduate Degrees                                     will only apply to CRNAs without graduate
         llinois has reopened the grandfathering           degrees who apply for licensure before July

      I  period for currently practicing CRNAs who
         do not have graduate degrees. The Illinois
      Department of Financial and Professional
                                                           1, 2018. Consequently, currently practicing
                                                           CRNAs without graduate degrees who are
                                                           licensed in another state should obtain an
                                                                                                              which time removal or further extension of
                                                                                                              the deadline could be considered as part of
      Regulation (IDFPR, the entity that licenses          Illinois license prior to July 1, 2018, if it is   the overall evaluation of the act.)
      nurses in Illinois) will now accept and              possible that they may want to practice in             A 50-state summary regarding state grad-
      process applications from CRNAs without              Illinois at some point in the future. CRNAs        uate degree requirements that is updated on
      graduate degrees. Please note that CRNA              who are licensed in Illinois prior to July 1,      an ongoing basis is posted on the AANA
      applicants not currently licensed in Illinois        2018, and who continue to renew the                website at under Resources >
      must obtain both a registered nurse license          license, will continue to be grandfathered in      State Legislative & Regulatory Requirements
      and an advanced 
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