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									416 • RELIGION                                                     January–June 2009                             The HORN BOOK GUIDE

                            RELIGION                                         Carlstrom, Nancy White This Is the Day!:
                                                                             A Celebration of God’s Creation
                                                                                 32 pp. Zonderkidz ISBN 978-0-310-71428-6 $15.99
GENERAL RELIGION                                                             (4) K–3 Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. Readers are
                                                                             enjoined to appreciate the beauty and diversity of “God’s
Ajmera, Maya, Magda Nakassis, and Cynthia Pon                                creation” by spending time outside in nature each day of
Faith                                                                        the week. The effect of the quiet verse and panoramic paint-
     48 pp. Charlesbridge ISBN 978-1-58089-177-6 $16.95
                                                                             ings featuring animals and landscapes is somewhat imper-
     PE ISBN 978-1-58089-178-3 $7.95
                                                                             sonal, but the book may find use in Sunday schools. MVK
(3) K–3 Engaging photographs and simple text work
together to introduce religious beliefs and practices to read-               dePaola, Tomie The Song of Francis
ers. Children are shown praying, reading holy books,                             32 pp. Putnam ISBN 978-0-399-25210-5 $16.99
attending religious schools, celebrating, eating special foods,              (3) K–3 Francis is joined in his song of praise for God by
and wearing traditional clothes. The universal concepts of                   the moon, the sun, and a multicolored flock of birds. The
caring for others, helping those in need, and making peace                   simple volume is less a story about the famous saint than it
are highlighted. A world map is included. Glos. MG                           is a celebration of his love for the universe. Give this to the
                                                                             picture book set and send older readers to dePaola’s Fran-
Cantrell, Julie God Is with Me Through the Day                               cis: The Poor Man of Assisi. MVK
     32 pp. Zonderkidz ISBN 978-0-310-71562-7 $9.99
Cantrell, Julie God Is with Me Through the Night                             Gold, August Thank You, God, for Everything
     24 pp. Zonderkidz ISBN 978-0-310-71563-4 $9.99                              32 pp. Putnam ISBN 978-0-399-24049-2 $16.99

(4) K–3 The premise of these books is that children feel                     (4) K–3 Illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin. Encour-
safe at home with their families but need reassurance when                   aged to cultivate thankfulness, Daisy takes a spiritual jour-
they’re in bed or out in the world by themselves. The sim-                   ney through her life’s blessings. These range from the
ple, easy-to-read texts (which assume familiarity with Old                   things she does and the people she meets to God’s very
Testament stories) remind readers that with God, they a
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