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					318 • PICTURE BOOKS                                            January–June 2009                              The HORN BOOK GUIDE

                    PICTURE BOOKS                                        Alsenas, Linas Hello My Name Is Bob
                                                                             32 pp. Scholastic ISBN 978-0-545-05244-3 $16.99

Alborough, Jez Super Duck                                                (3) Bob the bear mostly likes to sit; if he’s “feeling zany,”
                                                                         he might go for a (slow) walk. His panda friend Jack surfs
     32 pp. Kane/Miller ISBN 978-1-933605-89-0 $15.95
                                                                         and rides roller coasters. As Bob and Jack play together,
(3) In his fifth outing, Duck dons a cape and mask, deter-               they prove that opposites attract and friendships may
mined to save the day. His super-hero attempts to get                    flourish. The two are fittingly depicted in the illustrations,
Goat’s kite airborne fall flat, but when the wind picks up so            with Bob’s backgrounds simple and spare while Jack’s are
does the kite . . . with Frog hanging on for dear life. Super            full of color. CHS
Duck to the rescue! The playful rhyming text is ably
assisted by comical illustrations. KF
                                                                         Alter, Anna Abigail Spells
                                                                             32 pp. Knopf ISBN 978-0-375-85617-4 $16.99
Aliki Quiet in the Garden                                                    LE ISBN 978-0-375-95617-1 $19.99
     32 pp. Greenwillow ISBN 978-0-06-155207-6 $17.99
                                                                         (3) Bird Abigail and George, a bear, are best friends. Each
     LE ISBN 978-0-06-155208-3 $18.89
                                                                         encourages and enjoys the other’s interests: Abigail tells
(3) A boy enters his backyard garden. His first-person nar-              stories, George paints and plays maracas. Abigail, who also
rative invites readers to join him, sit still, listen, and               loves to spell, freezes up during the school spelling bee,
observe. We soon hear the animals talking and learn how                  and it takes her best friend to cheer her up—by telling her a
the garden feeds an assortment of creatures, including the               story. Alter’s gentle tale is ably assisted by her warm illus-
quiet little boy. Vivid colors against white backgrounds                 trations. AK
enhance this simple, childlike appreciation of nature.
Instructions for creating a garden follow the story. TLD
                                                                         Andersen, Hans Christian The Ugly Duckling
                                                                             32 pp. Putnam ISBN 978-0-399-25029-3 $16.99
Alko, Selina I’m Your Peanut Butter Big Brother
                                                                         (3) Retold and illustrated by Rachel Isadora. Isadora cre-
     40 pp. Knopf ISBN 978-0-375-85627-3 $16.99
                                                                         ates a sunlit African setting for her retelling of this classic
     LE ISBN 978-0-375-95627-0 $19.99
                                                                         tale, giving a new look to Andersen’s story of a swan child
(4) A biracial boy wonders about his soon-to-be-born sib-                born into a duck family. Expressive images show the protag-
ling: “Will you be my vanilla bean ice cream sibling or                  onist’s growth and development from lonely hatchling to
super-rich double chocolate fudge?” Though the boy’s                     magnificent black swan. Brushstrokes in oil paint make for
musings sound more like an adult’s preoccupation than a                  eye-catching textures in the vibrant cut-paper collages. MFS
child’s curiosity, the cheery naive-style gouache and mixed-
media illustrations suit the main character’s viewpoint. CLS

From Thunder-Boomer! © 2009 by Carol Thompson. Review on page 324.
The HORN BOOK GUIDE                                      January–June 2009                                 PICTURE BOOKS • 319

Andersen, Hans Christian The Ugly Duckling                         the cruelties of the publishing world (the “Corn” Book Mag-
    32 pp. North-South ISBN 978-0-7358-2226-9 $16.95               azine is not spared), before coming back around. The illus-
(3) Illustrated by Pirkko Vainio. The tale about the cygnet        trations are a discombobulating marriage of oil paintings
who looks different than his duck siblings is lyrically related.   and digital technology. NB
Though this version lacks some of Andersen’s harsher
details, none of the animal characters spares the protago-         Baasansuren, Bolormaa My Little Round House
nist’s feelings. The flora and fauna are realistically rendered        32 pp. Groundwood ISBN 978-0-88899-934-4 $18.95
in soft watercolors by Finnish illustrator Vainio. MG              (3) Adapted by Helen Mixter. In simple prose, a Mongo-
                                                                   lian child describes the first year of his life, beginning with
Anderson, Laurie Halse The Hair of Zoe                             the moment of his birth. At the center of his family’s tradi-
Fleefenbacher Goes to School                                       tional nomadic experience stands the “little round
    32 pp. Simon ISBN 978-0-689-85809-3 $16.99
                                                                   house”—the ger—which is taken apart and rebuilt with
                                                                   each seasonal move to a new location. Rich-hued gouache
(3) Illustrated by Ard Hoyt. Zoe’s amazing red hair (it can        paintings display the text’s details about Mongolian cul-
turn on the TV, set the table, etc.) is appreciated by the         ture. MFS
adults in her life—until she hits first grade. Readers will get
caught up in Zoe’s plight to placate her battle-ax teacher
while being true to herself. Hoyt doesn’t let his duty to relay    Babin, Claire Gus Is a Tree
Zoe’s hair’s wildness overshadow the story’s humanity. NB              32 pp. Enchanted Lion ISBN 978-1-59270-078-3 $14.95
                                                                   (4) Illustrated by Ol
Description: Knopf isbn 978-0-375-85627-3 $16.99 le isbn 978-0-375-95627-0 $19.99 (4) A biracial boy wonders about his soon-to-be-born sibling: "Will you be my vanilla bean ice cream sibling or super-rich double chocolate fudge?" Though the boy's musings sound more like an adult's preoccupation than a child's curiosity, the cheery naive-style gouache and mixedmedia illustrations suit the main character's viewpoint. The pacing is off (the characters spend way too much time cleaning), but Froggie's enthusiasm, shown in eye-catching acrylic, ink, and pencil ulustrations, is infectious. Painterly illustrations ably depict the time period but can't overcome the book's lack of tension and logical gaps, LAW Ziefert, Harriet My Forever Dress 40 pp.
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