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									                                                                                On the Run                  with Jason Line
                                                                        driver of the Summit Racing Equipment ’09 GXP Pro Stocker

                                                                        I   t’s hard to believe that, as I write this, there are only
                                                                            four races left in the 2009 NHRA Full Throttle season.
                                                                         Although we’re far from done, at this point it hasn’t
                                                                         been the year we wanted it to be. I know that may
                                                                         sound strange considering Greg and I have teamed up to
                                                                         score six wins in 12 final-round appearances, including
                                                                         five in a row and two all-Summit finals in Sonoma and
                                                                         Brainerd, but this KB Racing team prides itself on
                                                                         setting the bar extremely high.
                                                                             I honestly believe that the level of competition in
              OCTOBER 29-NOVEMBER 1       Pro Stock has never been higher than in 2009. In fact, if anyone thinks this class
                                          is easy, I invite them to come give it a whirl. There are a lot of very good teams
                                          out there capable of winning races and the championship. Naturally, we feel like
                                          we should be doing better than we are, but sometimes in the name of forward
                     800.644.4444         progress you end up going backwards. Still, we’re not about to throw in the
                                          towel; if anything, it makes us work harder.
                                              I take my hat off to Mike Edwards and his crew for the great job they have
                                          done. They’ve made the entire class look bad all year, and they deserve a lot of
                                          credit for doing so. Still, it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings. That’s the beauty of
                                          drag racing: It’s not done on paper; you have to earn it out on the track. Just as
                                          we saw last weekend in Dallas, there are all sorts of variables that come into
                                          play, and you never know how things are going to turn out. We’re still working
                                          to get better every day, doing everything we can to put one of our Summit
                                          Pontiacs at the top of the standings by the end of the year.

                                               “We’re doing everything we can to
                                               put one of our Summit Pontiacs at
                         NOVEMBER 12-15            the top of the standings.”
                                              Away from the track, one of my biggest surprises has been the incredible
                                          response to my ’68 Bel Air station wagon project. Ever since we did the story about
                     800.884.NHRA         driving it home from Las Vegas, I’ve had fans come up at every race and ask me
                                          about it with a lot of them trying to sell me their wagon as well (sorry, but I’ve got
                                          all that I need). If I have the time, I enjoy talking with them, and it’s always good
                                          because yo
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