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                                                                                                                                                                           OCTOBER 2009

                   A healthy
                                                       Writing the book on Enterprise 2.0
                 dose of CM                               Andrew McAfee, who first coined
                                                       the term “Enterprise 2.0” in 2006,
                                                                                                       Hugh McKellar: Let’s jump
                                                                                                   right in. Describe the genesis of
                                                                                                                                              an ability to do
                                                       has written a book about it. Enter-         Enterprise 2.0.                            all of that, and
                                   Page 14             prise 2.0, New Collaborative Tools              Andrew McAfee: I started hearing       I coined the
                                                       for Your Organization’s Toughest            the phrase Web 2.0, which I thought        phrase Enter-
                                                       Challenges will be published in             was just more hype from the technol-       prise 2.0 to talk
                                                       December by Harvard Business                ogy sector. Nevertheless, I wanted to      about the possi-
                                                       School Press. He is currently a prin-       test that skepticism and started looking   bility of doing
                                                       cipal research scientist at the Center      around at things such as Wikipedia,        all that behind
                                                                                                                                                                  Andrew McAfee
                                                       for Digital Business (http://ebusi          Flickr and Delicious, and discovered       the firewall on
                                                       ness.mit.edu) in the MIT Sloan              that there really is something new         intranets and extranets for selfish
                                                       School of Management and a fellow           under the sun with the technology          corporate purposes.
                                                       at Harvard’s Berkman Center for             toolkit. My second “eureka moment”             HM: Let’s first address in a lit-
                                                       Internet and Society.                       was that these tools address many          tle bit more detail how to ensure
                                                          McAfee will deliver the opening          pretty pressing problems and chal-         that knowledge is fresh and find-
                                                       keynote address Nov. 17 at the              lenges that companies have been fac-       able and represents the best think-
                                                       KMWorld 2009 Conference and                 ing for a long time—that is, harnessing    ing in an organization. How do
                                                       Exposition in San Jose, and recently        and sharing knowledge, making sure it      these tools enable it in a business
            What’s wrong                               spoke with KMWorld Editor in
                                                       Chief Hugh McKellar. Their discus-
                                                                                                   stays current, making sure it stays
                                                                                                   findable, harnessing the brains of the

            with Craigslist?                           sion follows.                               company. The Web 2.0 tools were              ENTERPRISE 2.0 continues on page 22

            ■ BY DAVID WEINBERGER                      Part 2
               The cover of the September issue
            of Wired blares “The Tragedy of
            Craigslist.” The story inside, by vet-
            eran writer Gary Wolf, is headlined
                                                       The future of knowledge workers                                                             SharePoint
                                                                                                                                                 Content Security
                                                                                                                                                             Degree of Confidence
            “Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess.”           ■ BY DAN HOLTSHOUSE                         (gwu.edu/~iki). Some KMWorld
            The article opens with a few para-             This is the second half of a two-part   readers were part of the sampling pop-
            graphs of what Craigslist lacks:           article that explores the findings of a     ulation and accessed the survey
            Basically, every Web 2.0, social           recent study on the future of the knowl-    through a posting on the KMWorld              Yes, I am extremely
                                                                                                                                                 confident in our
            media feature that exists. Why, then,      edge worker. The purpose of the             (kmworld.com) Web site. Several of            security.
            do people who trumpet social media         research was to look at longer-term         the main trends identified in the sur-        Yes, but we always                12%
            and user-based ways of organizing          trends in how organizations will likely     vey are described in this article.            have room to                6%
            information also trumpet Craigslist?       try to provide a compelling work envi-                                                    improve.
            That’s what Wolf wants to know.            ronment that attracts, retains and lever-   Top type of future                            No, we are not
                                                                                                                                                 as prepared as
               The Wired article seems to me to be     ages the best of the knowledge workers      knowledge work                                we should be.
            a bit of a mashup, but not in the good     of the future.
                                                                                                                                                 No, we don’t have
            sense. It’s informative about the his-         The study was sponsored by                Given the unstructured nature of            any protection.
            tory of Craigslist and why it is what it   The George Washington University            knowledge work, the concept of
                                                       (GWU, gwu.edu) and the Institute for
                                                                                                                                                      Source: Surety. The full report is available at Surety.com
               WEINBERGER continues on page 30         Knowledge and Innovation at GWU                      FUTURE continues on page 18

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